C.R.A. 18th DIVN 18 Apr 1916

SECRET                                             BM-X                                      Apl 18th 1916




  1. Owing to the scanty information at present available it is impossible to fix definitely the limits of front and tasks to be allotted to each Group.
  2. It may be assumed that if the limits of the front remain the same as those mentioned by me at a recent conference with Group Comdrs, the zones will be approximately as follows:-

RIGHT Gp      A.8.b.45.55 to A.2.d.74.75 (Eastern Boundary)

A.8.a.20.33. to A.2.c.61.59 (Western Boundary)

CENTRE Gp    A.8.20.33. to A.2.c.61.59. (Eastern Boundary)

A.7.b.28.45. to A.1.b.73.23 (Western Boundary)

LEFT Gp         A.7.b.28.45. to A.1.b.73.25 (Eastern Boundary)

F.12.a.15.15 to F.6.a.54.10 (Western Boundary)

  1. If the front is extended as far East as A.9.a.55.50 then as follows:-

A.9.a.55.50. then as follows:-

RIGHT Gp A9.a.55.78 to A.3.c.58.46. (Eastern Boundary)

CENTRE Gp thence to Western boundary as in para 2.

LEFT Gp no change


  1. Van Straubenzee B.G.

C.R.A. 18th DIVN


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