55th (West Lancs:) Divisional Artillery 28th March 1916


Appendix X

Copy No 11


55th (West Lancs:) Divisional Artillery

Order No 16


28th March 1916


The reliefs detailed in 55th (West Lancs) Divisional Artillery Order No 15 dated 27th inst, are postponed until the weather improves.


2 days warning will be given before the reliefs will commence


  1. Benson

Major R.A.

Brigade Major

55th Divisional Arty.



Issued at 10 a.m.

Copy no    1.  Right Group.

  1. Centre Group.
  2. Left Group.
  3. 55th Div. A.C.
  4. 55th Div (G).
  5. 55th Div (G).
  6. 4th Div Arty.
  7. 37th Div Arty.
  8. Staff Captain
  9. 14th Bde R.F.A.
  10. War Diary
  11. War Diary
  12. File.
  13. 165th Inf Bde.
  14. 7th Corps Artillery
  15. Signals.
  16. 14th Div. Arty.

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