Letter to Hammond family 11 Feb 16

62 Benyon Rd


London N


Dear Ted & Mary,


I just remembered that it is Gladys’s birthday either today or tomorrow so I want to wish her many happy returns of the day.  I hope you are all quite well.  I am not quite as I should like to be.  It is the blathering rheumatism that is troubling me.  I had a letter from George a little while ago. I hope I shall be able to see him before he leaves Crowboro.  How is Fred I hope alright.  I suppose Willie will not have to join.  There is enough for him to do here.  Is it true that they dropped bombs on Buxton.  I don’t think so but this is what I have been told.  I had a letter from Kingswereford telling me that they had passed over there but did not do any damage.  I never thought that they would get so far inland.  There seems to be no safety anywhere from them.  We fully expected them in London that night.  The trains were stopped before six pm & the people that had to go by train were in great difficulties.  We closed one meeting & came home to sit listening for the bombs to drop but thankful when they did not come.  Thinking they had been beaten back on the coast, but alas for the midlands.

I must close with my best love to you all

Yours affectionately

Martha Ann

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