Alfred George Richardson’s Diary Mar 1915

Alfred George Richardson’s Diary Mar 1915


1915 diary shows Bombardier Gunner (Signalling Dept) A. G. Richardson 4th Section, West Riding Divisional Ammunition Column R.F.A., Norfolk Barracks Sheffield.

Home Address:- Station House, Ben Rhydding near Leeds. Yorks.




Monday 1st March 1915:         Reveille 6 am.  Packed Kits & left for Doncaster 9-45.  Arrived 10.30.  Gun Drill in afternoon under Sergt Maj. Cotton.  Went to “Palace” at night.

Tuesday 2nd March 1915:        Stables 6.30.  Breakfast 8 am.  Exercising horses in morning & Gun Drill in afternoon.  Grand Theatre at night “Tommy Atkins”.

Wednesday 3rd March 1915:   Stables 6.30.  Gun Drill in Gun Park in morning. Stables 11.30.  Afternoon holiday.  Had a rest in billets. Out with Arnold at night.

Thursday 4th March 1915:       Gun Drill both morning & afternoon.  Stables 6.30, 11.30 4.30.

Friday 5th March 1915:           Gun Drill both morning & afternoon.  Went down to Rly Docks & practiced entraining horses & guns.  Hard work.  11th Batt beat 10th by 7 mins.

Saturday 6th March 1915:       Gun Drill in morning.  Had my photo (together with Arnold) taken in town.  Stables 3.15.  Picture House Café at night with AGR, Arthur. King, Watkinson, Stockdale, Roberts & Ralph.

Sunday 7th March 1915:          Stables 7 am.  Church Parade 9.30 am.  Afternoon spent reading & writing.  Out in town at night with Arnold.

Monday 8th March 1915:        Gun Drill morning & afternoon.  Out with Arnold at night.  Picture House Café.

Tuesday 9th March 1915:        Gun Drill morning & afternoon. Arnold goes home on 4 days leave.  Lucky Beggar!!  Out on night    manoeuvres from 6-12 pm.  Trenching.

Wednesday 10th March 1915: Gun Drill morning & afternoon.  Out with Tommy Butler at night.

Thursday 11th March 1915:     Stables 7 am.  Gun Drill morning & afternoon.  Stayed in at night because was “stony broke”.

Friday 12th March 1915:         Stables 6.30.  Rifle Drill in morning & afternoon under Sergt Barker.  Went to “Grand” Theatre.

Saturday 13th March 1915:     Stables 6.30 pm.  Rifle Drill in morning.  Out in afternoon with Corp Wilf Dawson & at Picture House at night.       Arnold returned Sat midnight after ripping 4 days at home.


Sunday 14th March 1915:        Church Parade 9.30 am at Wheatly Church.              Resting during rest of day.  Out with Arnold.

Monday 15th March 1915:      Rifle Drill all morning and afternoon.  Out at night with Tommy Butler.

Tuesday 16th March 1915:      Rifle Drill under Sergt Spence.  Out on night manoeuvres from 7 – 12 pm, digging trenches round guns.

Wednesday 17th March 1915: Left Doncaster at 9.56 am for Sheffield where we arrived 11 am.  On Gate Guard 2pm – 6 pm.  Stables Picket at 6 pm.

Thursday 18th March 1915:     Stable Picket at Glossop Rd.  Monotonous job.  Rose at 4.20 am & had stables thoroughly cleaned by 6.15.  Nothing special happened.

Friday 19th March 1915:         Gate Guard.  Rose at 5.20 am.  Reveille 6.  Baths in morning 9.10.  Received large parcel from home.

Saturday 20th March 1915:     Stable Picket.  Rose at 4.55 am.  Received pcl from Miss Whitaker.  Gate Picket at night.

Sunday 21st March 1915:        Gate Picket.  Boy Scouts meeting in Barracks.  1st night off since leaving Doncaster.

Monday 22nd March 1915:      G.O.C. R.A. inspects Column, Billets & Stables.  Exercising horses in afternoon.  Stable Picket at 6.

Tuesday 23rd March 1915:      Stable Picket.  Whitewashed stables.  Took all day.  Dead tired.  Gate Picket at 6 pm.

Wednesday 24th March 1915: Gate Picket.  Nothing happened out of ordinary.  Night off at last!!!!  Cinema House Café with T.O.B. & Groth.

Thursday 25th March 1915:     Exercising horses.  Rifle shooting at Mid. Rly. Sheff. Club.  Stable Picket at night.

Friday 26th March 1915:         Exercising horses in morning. X Under arrest & brought before Lieut Fairburn.  Let off.  Lecture on Map reading 5 – 7.30.

Saturday 27th March 1915:     Exercising horses in morning.  Lecture 12 – 1.  Stables 3.45 – 5.  Gate Picket 6 pm.

X N.B.  Sergt Maj. Cavanagh & Sergt Hird reported me for supposed “neglect of duty” viz: – Not giving reveille till 6.10 am on Thurs morning.  Absolute lie.  Hence verdict & 4days leave.

Ben Rhydding – Scarboro.

Sunday 28th March 1915:        Gate Picket with Forster, Butler & Lupton.  Reading all day with Billy Groth, who has returned from Hospital.

Monday 29th March 1915:      Stable Picket relieving Br. Smith in morning.  Rifle Range in afternoon.  Passed 1st & 2nd tests.  Came home on 4 days leave.  Left Sheff 7.5 Ben R 10.26 pm.

Tuesday 30th March 1915:      Went to I.G.S. & saw G****.  Sang School Holiday Hymn & was given 3 cheers by scholars.  Pleasant morning.  Played golf with Dad & Miss Whitaker.

Wednesday 31st March 1915:             Went to Scarboro’ for the day.  Left Ben R 7.38 arrived Scarboro’ 11.14.  Saw Grandma  & Auntie.  Saw effects of German Bombardment of Dec 16 1914. Rough Sea.  Ripping day.  Left 5.55. Home 9 PM.


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