Alfred George Richardson’s Diary Jan 1915

Alfred George Richardson’s Diary Jan 1915


1915 diary shows Bombardier Gunner (Signalling Dept) A. G. Richardson 4th Section, West Riding Divisional Ammunition Column R.F.A., Norfolk Barracks Sheffield.

Home Address:- Station House, Ben Rhydding near Leeds. Yorks.



Friday 1st January 1915:          Signalling in morning.  ½ day holiday.

Saturday 2nd January 1915:     Signalling.

Sunday 3rd January 1915:        Church parade.

Monday 4th January 1915:      Signalling.

Tuesday 5th January 1915:     Field day near Dore & Totleys.  Raining whole day.  Caught a chill.

Wednesday 6th January 1915: Physical Drill & Signalling.

Thursday 7th January 1915:     Started with a Bronchial Cold.  Went to bed at 6 pm.

Friday 8th January 1915:         Saw Surgeon Lieut Wood.  Obtained medicine & went to bed.

Saturday 9th January 1915:     Confined to bed.

Sunday 10th January 1915:      In bed.

Monday 11th January 1915:    In Bed.

Tuesday 12th January 1915:    In bed.

Wednesday 13th January 1915: In bed.  Got up a little & went out for 2 hours to get fresh air.

Thursday 14th January 1915:   Still confined to bed.

Friday 15th January 1915:       At last, able to go out.  Went a short walk in             morning & went on duty once more in the afternoon.

Saturday 16th January 1915:   Signalling in the Drill Hall all morning.  Father & Mother, & Arnold (from Dorchester) over for ½ day.  Very happy day spent.  1st fine day for a long time.

Sunday 17th January 1915:      Church Parade at St Barnabas Ch.  Went walk in aft. with Eric Hampshire round Norfolk Park. Went to Cathedral at night & then walk by Cobner Rd. (Wood seats) & Derbyshire Lane.

Monday 18th January 1915:    Signalling all day.  Went to “Robinson Crusoe.”

Tuesday 19th January 1915:    Field Day near Dore & Totley.

Wednesday 20th January 1915: Signalling.

Thursday 21st January 1915:   Signalling.

Friday 22nd January 1915:       Signalling.  Inoculated (1st dose).  No effects except stiff arm.

Saturday 23rd January 1915:   Signalling in morn.  Went to see Sheff Wed (2) v Liverpool (1).

N.B.  Inoculation is nothing as regards after effects.  Only felt a stiff shoulder & arm, 6 hours afterwards.

Sunday 24th January 1915:      Stable Picket all day.

Monday 25th January 1915:    Signalling.

Tuesday 26th January 1915:    In bed, bad throat.

Wednesday 27th January 1915: In bed, bad throat.

Thursday 28th January 1915:   In bed bad throat.

Friday 29th January 1915:       Signalling.

Saturday 30th January 1915:   Went to Ben R for ½ day.  Left Sheff 1-52 arr Ben R 3- 43. Left Ben R 6-18 Sheff arr 8-53. Absolutely ripping to see home once more.  Had 3 good meals.  Saw all at home.

Salisbury Plain.

Sunday 31st January 1915:      Ripping views of St Paul’s, Thames & Underground Rlys.  Travelled from Sheffield to Amesbury, Salisbury Plain, via London G.N.R.  9.45 – 9.15 pm.  Tramped 9 miles till 12-30.  mud awful.

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