F Hammond letter 9 Jan 16

La Bezie entered in blue biro later


Dear M & Pa

Just a line to say alls well.  I received your little parcel OK.  We are still resting in fact I have never been so spruce since I join the HARMY.  I went and had a bath this morning & got a full rigg out of underwear.  I also have new breeches, boots and putties so you wouldn’t recognise me now.  In fact we have had to dubbin our boots at present.  We have had a good time.  There are 5 of us billeted in a house in the village & get our food & extras cooked there.  We are well known in the village now and are busy trying to learn French choruses.  Tommy Earlam came yday to see us he is only about 9 miles away we were very pleased to see him but he’s very comfortable where he is.  The weather has been rather mild but very damp lately.  I don’t think there is any special news to tell as we are just living a country life.  Winston is with us now so things are looking up.  Well I hope you are all well I suppose we shall be having a turn at the mud etc Ha men tears

Cheer ho



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