June 28th                    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo


July 28th                     Austria declares war on Serbia


Aug 1st                       Germany declares war on Russia


Aug 2nd                       Moltke appointed commander of German Armies


Aug 3rd                       Germany declares war on France


Aug 4th                        Germany invades Belgium


Aug 4th                        Britain declares war on Germany


Aug 4th                        Sir John French appointed commander of the B.E.F


Aug 7th – 16th              B.E.F. lands in France


Aug 21st                      Ludendorff apptd. Chief of Staff of the 8th Army


Aug 22nd                     Hindenburg appointed commander of the 8th Army


Aug 23rd                      Battle of Mons


Aug 24th                      Main German army enter France


Aug 28th – 30th            Battle of Tannenberg


Aug – Nov                  1st campaign in East Africa


Sept 5th – 10th              1st battle of Marne – German invasion halted


Sept 6th – 15th              Battle of Masurian Lakes


Sept 9th – 12th              Battle of Lemberg


11th Sept                      Battle of the Aisne


Sept 14th                      Moltke resigns, succeeded by Falkenhayn


Sept 15th                      1st trenches dug


Mid Sept                     Laurence Binyon wrote the poem “For the Fallen”


Sept 17th/Oct 18th        Race to the sea


21st Sept                      Poem “For the Fallen” was published in “The                                                                       Times” newspaper


Oct                              Allied army conquest of German S.W. Africa


Nov 1st                         Battle of Coronel


Nov 2nd                        Russia declares war on Turkey


Nov 6th                         Britain and France declare war on Turkey


Nov 11th – early Dec.   Germans push Russia further East


Dec 2nd                         Austro-Hungarians capture Belgrade


Dec 8th                          Battle of Falkland Islands


Dec 11th                        Serbians recapture Belgrade


Dec 25th                        Christmas Truce in some parts of the front





Red text indicates British involvement


Black text indicates other theatres of war

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