H.M.S. Albion Appendix to letter 29 Apr 15



29th April 1915




P.O. 2Cl Fredk. Gibson, R.F.R. O.N. C/191025, Coxswain of launch, jumped overboard with a line, and got his boat beached.  He then took wounded to the RIVER CLYDE under heavy fire.  Witnessed by Lieut. Tysdale, R.N. Division and many of the Dublin Fusiliers.


H.T. Morrison. Smn. R.N.R., 1495. D. was of great assistance to P.O. Gibson, carrying out orders with coolness and alacrity.


Frank Dawe, A.B. D/231502, as Cox’n of the Sailing Pinnace showed courage in trying to beach his boat, until having to retire wounded.


Samuel Forsey, A.B., R.F.R., S.S.D/2059, took charge of sailing pinnace after Cox’n had been wounded; he succeeded in securing his boat to a lighter, eventually beaching her, and assisted to get pontoons in position for troops to land.


Jesse Lovelock, Ord. Sea. C/J 28798, assisted A.B. Forsey in securing boat to lighter and beaching her, then assisted in getting pontoons in position, also helped wounded on the beach and in boats to reach the “RIVER CLYDE”.


Samuel Quick. Sea. R.N.R. 3109.B.)

Jas. Rice. Smn. R.N.R. 1519D.        )             Volunteer Launch’s Crew.

Daniel Roach. Smn. R.N.R. 1685D.)


Wm. Thomas. Smn. R.N.R. 2208B.   )           Volunteer Sailing Pinnace’s Crew.

Wm. H. Kitchen. Smn. R.N.R4330A )


  1. Watts Jones



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