H.M.S. Albion 2nd Report 8 May 15


8th May 1915


Relieved “GOLIATH”, and at 5.18 informed that French held trenches vacated by Turks at bottom in valley of Kereves Dere, and later that French had not advanced farther than stream in Kereves Dere.


6.45 opened fire from Asiatic Side; worked ship to avoid injury.  7.5 opened fire, and fired occasionally on batteries both on Asiatic and on European side assisted about 9.5 by aeroplane, and occasionally catching Turks in the open.  Under occasional fire during most of the forenoon.  Had considerable difficulty in distinguishing objects which military desired fired on.  At 9.50 sighted a mine; believed sunk later by French trawler.  Observed large numbers of wagons and some mounted troops moving along road close to beach, east of Suanders.  All seen in forenoon going Eastward, largest number about 11.40 a.m.  range too far for “ALBION’s” 6”.  Fired a few rounds 12”, but did not get on target; suggest this road may be worth attention.


Ammunition expended up to noon, 12” 4, 6” 83, 12 pr 45 common 13 shrapnel.  Enemy fired 33 rounds at “ALBION”, no hits.   LATOUCHE TREVILLE also supported right flank.  One French kite float seen in Mendere Bay.


The shore signal station asked that an Officer from the Ship might be sent to see the position; replied suggesting that military Officer should be sent on board, and passed request on to MAJESTIC.


Damaged compartments apparently not much affected by firing.


Quantity of water which entered perhaps double harbour amount.



  1. Watts Jones



The Vice Admiral Commanding,

and the Rear Admiral Commanding



Eastern Mediterranean Squadron,


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