H.M.S. “ALBION” 10 May 15


10th May 1915


Relieved “GOLIATH” at noon on right flank.  No French troops East of stream in Kereves Valley.  At 1 p.m. opened fire on Turks in trenches just East of Kereves Dere, coming under fire 3 minutes later.  Worked Ship as requisite to avoid injury.  Continued process throughout the afternoon, frequently driving the Turks out of the advanced trenches.


Rather misty over Chanak.  Saw little traffic on Suandere Road.


Saw two steamers and believed one Torpedo Boat off Chanak.  Not certain about Torpedo Boat.  Unable to locate batteries that fired at “ALBION” except battery in 160.P which was seen firing at 7 p.m.


Expenditure of ammunition, 6” 51, 12 pr 65.  enemy fired 27 rounds at Ship.  No hits.



  1. Watts Jones



The Vice Admiral Commanding,

and the Rear Admiral Commanding



Eastern Mediterranean Squadron,

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