G G Hammond letter Sept 15

No 3142 P/e G.G. Hammond

2/7th Bat Mc/r Regt

D Compy 15 Platoon




Dear Father & Mother

I must thank you for the nice cake you sent me.  We enjoyed it very much and the boys thought it was fine.  I had a F.S.pc from Fred this week he is alright.  Has Turk become more sensible yet?  I think he would make a good mascot for our Battalion.  Have you seen Arthur yet he went home last week and he promised to call round.  I have been expecting to see the Colonel any day.  I believe he asks you if you can find 80 to 100 £ a year.  I shall say “Yes” as I believe it is only a bluff, but if it should be true I dare say you could manage nearly 80 £ some how.  Ashman has been made a L/cp.  I should have had two stripes by now only for the commission.  There is another rumour about the Dardanelles.  I hope it is not true, if it is I suppose I shall have to go unless I see the Adjutant.  You see it is always a long time before you can manage to see the Colonel.  It took Arthur 3 week- at least he says it did.  I believe Mr & Mrs Spencer are coming down again next week with the baby.  In the next parcel you send could you enclose some boiled ham – home made of course.

I was on Post Office orderly yesterday – running about with telegrams – and who should I meet in there operating – but Charlie Higgins.  He is going to write to Fred.  How’s Pa going on I never hear much about him.  Nothing more to say at present

Love George


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