G G Hammond letter July 15

P/e G.G. Hammond no 3142


Dear Father & Mother

I received your letter yesterday when I was in a very depressed condition.  I was put in charge of a prisoner to go on Church Parade. There was a corporal with me and the rotter gave us the slip.  Things don’t look exactly cheerful as it may mean a DCM, but as the prisoner turned up last night it may ease things a bit.  I have not the slightest idea now how the commission will go on, it may be alright but I am afraid I shall stay as a common Tommy, still it will save a lot of money and it will be a lesson to me.  Now don’t begin imaging all sorts of awful things will happen to me as the prisoner was a desperate criminal and I had received no definite orders to take charge of the man.

I received a letter from Uncle Tom yesterday I will just let you know what he says.  “Your Father tell me you are trying to get a commission.  I hope you do.  I shall be pleased to help you in cash.  I will do all I can for you.  It is very generous of him, but it may not be needed now, of course we learn by our mistakes but it is a frightful disappointment for me.

Gladys G. wrote me some time ago saying she was going to go to Mac and she said that in all probability she would come round to see you.

I am going to see Captain Nasmith sometime today and see if he will sign a note for me to go and be examined by the doctor.  You know I have not given up hope yet.  Tell Timmy I will write to him soon.  I have been very busy lately and tonight we- the Grenadiers- are having a night attack from 10- to 2am.

I have just been up to the BOR. The prisoner has been remanded for a DCM.  We have not been tried yet.  I have just asked the Captain to sign my paper for the doctor & he did it quite willingly.  With regard to the “Watch” I wanted one like the other I had once.  They were gold.  I don’t know whether you understand but I wished to pay for it if the Com. Does come off.  I shall have to have either a gold or silver one.

I will send Uncle Tom’s letter on to you after I have replied to him.  Will write more when I feel a bit better, I have a rotten headache.

Love George


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