G G Hammond letter Feb 15

P/e G.G. Hammond

3142 2nd 7th Bat Mc/r Reg

27 Scarisbrick St



Are you saving any of the allotment for college?

I wish Gladys many happy returns & hope she will soon be better.  Tell her to keep 3/- out of my next present to a birthday for herself.  Love G


Dear F & M,

I received your letter this morning & the enclosure.  Fred is a lucky dog, they will not let any of our chaps go on leave with inoculation, it is hard work to get a weekend pass.  I am going to try for a transfer to the DLO if things don’t look up.

I am sorry to hear that Gladys is so bad, how is it her finger is always being bad.  If she does not stop biting her finger nails she will be having blood poison.  Do you think she could come over by herself some Saturday afternoon?  I would look after her coming back & I think she can manage alright coming.

I have got into an awful billet, one man in our room has been in bed all week with a sore throat & complications.

I went on Church Parade in my riding breeches this morning & some of the men began to shout “Fall out the Officers”.  Shortly one of the officers came to me and asked me what I meant by coming on parade in riding breeches, as it was not regimental.

Tell Fred to write to me occasionally he has not answered my last letter yet.  There is a certain amount of excuse for him, because I am a long way behind with my own correspondence.  If Pa should be in Bramhall I want him to tell Mr. Smith that I will write to him shortly.

I think I mentioned on the P.C. that we had had a night march, we went to Scarisbrick, the idea was that we were relieving some soldiers in the trenches there (I think old Kemps pen is giving out) and we had to be there by 11 o’clock.  The advance guard went on in front and then the supports.  I acted as a connecting file along with Burgess between the supports & the main body.  We arrived at Scarisbrick at 11-10 and we were the first to get there.  We were not allowed to smoke or sing on the march which makes it much more difficult.  I am going for my first dancing lesson next Thursday most likely, when I get back to civilized life I shall be able to take Gladys to a few hops perhaps.  Arthur tells me that his people are going to move to Rossett on Sat. 13th. Alice is going into digs & so is he.  There is not a single fellow I know in this billet.  How is Ma going on?  Still as cheerful as ever I hope.  I am going to try for a pass until I get one.  If you had sent me a teleg. saying “Brother home on leave very ill try to get over” I could have shown it to our OC & told the tale.  It is a very common gag.

I think I shall be going up to Spencer’s again today for dinner.  I hope so it is the only decent meal I get since I got into this hole.  Everyone is fed up with the continual changing that we are going through. I heard this morning that we are only for Home Service.  I suppose it is only a rumour.

Ashman is on station picket today.  He’s had quite a number of extra duties to do lately.  I have promised to go round to see him so I shall have to conclude.

I take my washing to my old landlady, as she repairs it all when it comes back, which is jolly good of her.

Love George


PS Everyone calls me Jack here.


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