G G Hammond letter 9 Apr 15

P/e G.G. Hammond

No 3142 2nd 7th Mc/r Reg.

27 Scarisbrick St.



Dear F & M,

I have been rather a long time in answering your letter but under the circumstances it was impossible to write sooner.  How is it that you seem to be making such a fuss about me being ill?  Did I not write last week telling you I was much better?  I might say that I had another bad turn and that I have only commenced parade today but I am now quite fit except for pains over my eyes like I used to have at school.

I am afraid that Pa will have to postpone his visit on the coming Saturday as the officer has promised me a pass home.  When I get home I shall have a doctor & get a certificate so that I can stay about a week.  If the doctor won’t give me a certificate I shall stay in any case and pay the penalty.  There is no doubt that I have had the rottenest illness I ever had in my life.  We went for a 15 mile march today, I did it all but about 4 miles, and I could have done that only there is nothing like playing the old soldier.

I am sorry to hear that Ma has not been well.  She will have to dash about when I get back I hope she is not worrying about me because as I said before I am quite alright only I am going to play the old soldier when I get back.

You all seen to have been having colds.  I heard from Willie this morning he has lost his position as section commander to the KTL for the time being as the others say they have not had a fair chance.

We are all having rifles shortly.  50 of our company have got them already, they are the proper Home Service Lee Metford pattern & not Japanese as have been served out to a number of the men here.  The Japanese rifles only hold 3 cartridges in the magazine whilst ours hold 10.  I am sorry to hear that Mr. Smith has been down with the Influ, but of course he has been under better treatment than I.  you know I have had an awful cough & when I asked the doctor for something to cure it he said that they had nothing for coughs.

I thought that I was going to get a pass last week but it did not work, there is a lot of underhand work goes on & if the chap in the orderly room is not a pal of yours it is practically impossible to work the oracle.  I had to leave the parade yesterday (old soldier) & when I saw the OC I asked him if there was any chance of sick leave, he said I should have to see the doctor so I knew it was off.  However he said that he would give me my leave at weekend so I shall remind him tomorrow.

Well I shall have to finish now & for heavens sake stop worrying I have found a place where I can get a badge.  Love George


PS I will write a PC on Thurs or Friday letting you know if I have my leave for certain G


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