F Hammond letter 4 Aug 15

62210 RE

Sigs HQ 28th Bde

9th Scot Div

4 Aug 1915

Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to let you know I am OK.  I suppose Will was over on Bank Holiday.

Our Brigade is again in the trenches for some time now.  There is some talk of there being some leave when we come out of course I don’t know how long it will take before it all goes thro the Divn and I suppose circumstances may stop it.  I think we shall be out for the winter alright.  We are expecting some of the German troops from Russia before long when I suppose they will make their last effort as far as the English Line is concerned I don’t think there is any doubt.

Well Gladys said something about Mar sending me some grub.  It has not arrd up to date.  Now Gladys you mustn’t kid poor old Gussie like that.  I am in the pink suppose you will be going to Blackpool when you receive this.  How’s Geo going on would like to hear something definite about his position.  There is very little news out in this part the same affairs occurring day after day.  One night the Germans got a surprise our artillery soon put them to sleep.  It’s for all the world like the fireworks at Belle Vue of a night.  They send star shells up which lights the country for miles around.  Drop me a line when you get to B’pool or a pc of it.  Just to cheer the Boys up.

Well Bye Bye for present.  Fred


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