Battle of the Marne & Aisne




5th Sept 1914 After retreating from Mons, the French reserve infantry troops stumbled      across the forward guard of the German army.


9th Sept 1914 The German 1st and 2nd armies were split into two forces by a tactical error of commander von Kluck.


A 50km gap opened up, and the Anglo/French forces exploited the error.


11th Sept 1914 The Germans were halted and forced to retreat back to the Aisne River.

Entrenching began on the Chemin des Dames Ridge.


13th Sept 1914 Anglo/French armies crossed the Aisne and launched an infantry assault on the German defensive positions.


BEF were ordered to entrench


14th Sept 1914


Anglo/French troops established a bridgehead north of the Aisne.


German counter-attack forced the allies back


18th Sept 1914 Allies scaled back the offensive as German defences proved too strong


28th Sept 1914 Both armies tried to encircle the other in a bid to out-flank their opposition in the “Race to the Sea”


This established the Western Front from the Channel to the Swiss border.






















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