Norman Lees Remembrance Plaque

A plaque has been placed in the museum to remember the extraordinary and daring pilot Norman Lees, who served with some very important feats. He died in a spitfire crash at the Goodwood festival twelve years ago. Below is an image of the plaque to the left of the museum entrance, and an image of the Castle Point Mayor Jackie Govier unveiling it. A display of  memorabilia dedicated to him can be seen in the museum  for a short time too.



One comment on “Norman Lees Remembrance Plaque

  1. Paul Crawley says:

    I use to be on the airshow circuit at the same time as Norman Lee and would meet up at airshows with Norman and Gary Numan, one question I would like answered is what has Norman got in common with Canvey? by the way I still live on Canvey.

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