Benham letter 20 August 1941

I carried out your instructions re your letter.


Friday 10.30 pm.

My dearest Maz,

I must apologise for using this thin paper but I am sitting up in bed, and this is the only paper I can muster in my room.

Many thank, Maz, for your letter which arrived this evening.  It was sweet and I was very touched by it.  I too have had the same involuntary feeling sometimes but it has always passed quickly when I think of the future which lies ahead of us all.  As I’ve said before the times which you and I have had in the past were times which I shall never forget, you were always so terribly sweet and kind to me and you and Par were for ever encouraging me in every way; and in the future we shall have some more marvellous times together.  I know that it will be some recompense to you to know that I am really happy and in the care of a girl who loves me as much as I love her.  I’ve never had the chance to talk to you as I should like to have done about Eileen, but she’s really wonderfully sweet, and, I know, looks upon you as her mother.  It’s a funny thing I suppose but I always rather liken my heart to a house, one part of which will always be occupied by you, it will never matter where I am or what I’m doing I shall always think of you and love you in the same way as I do now and that is with all the love a son has for his mother.

The words of yours in the latter part of your letter were very true and I shall never forget them and I hope that Eileen and I will be able to live up to the ideals for which we are all fighting.

When we get our house in running order absolutely nothing will please us more than to have you with us and I might say I’m already longing for the day when we shall be meeting you at Salisbury and bringing you to see our home, and hoping that everything will meet with your approval!!

Please open anything which looks as though it may contain a spot of cash.  Very many thanks for your very kind cheque but I really shall be most upset unless it’s a small one.  All that I want, Maz dear, is your love and your blessing and the promise from you that you will never think for one little minute that I shall ever be anything but your ever loving and ever affectionate


Letter addressed to Mrs. G.C. Benham, 5, Oxford Road, Colchester Essex.  Postmark mostly unreadable but date 20 Au 41.

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