Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 9 November 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 9 November 1940.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

09/11/1940    04.00  Billericay        4 – H.Es exploded 2 in fields and 1 near

outbuildings of Stocklands Farm and 1 near moving Nathams bungalow of foundations.  Chimney stack in dangerous position.  Extensive damage to property.  No casualties.

09/11/1940    04.00  Mountnessing          7 – H.Es, 6 exploded and 1 unexploded in

fields 150 yards to rear of Mountnessing Hall Farm.  Slight damage.  No casualties.

09/11/1940    19.00  Billericay        19 – H.Es, 1 is unexploded in fields behind

bungalows North of Potash Lane, from Stock to Ramsden Roads.  The unexploded one is 300 yards North East of Thornhill and 75 yards behind Potash Lane.  (Disposed of B.D.S. 21.12.40)  No damage or casualties.

09/11/1940    19.45  East                25 – H.Es, 24 exploded in fields in line between

Horndon        300 yards South of B’cay-B’wood Road Herongate, from rear of Old Dog P.H. to rear of Boars Head P.H. 1 is unexploded 250 yards South East of Col. Laurie’s house near the hunting gate.  No damage or casualties.

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