Report of Drifters off Mudros 4 February 1919

Report of Drifters off Mudros 4 February 1919




D “Northesk” II No 2022


Feb 4 1919

Fleet Paymaster.

H.M.S. “Europa”




I beg to report the following changes in the personnel of my crew;-


  1. Gordon   Engn. reported for duty from Tr. 391. “Oceanic II”.
  2. Hoyle Trimmer         “ “ “     “     Dr. 2505. “Favourite”
  3. Smith, O.S. Hyd       “ “ “     “     Tr. 391 “Oceanic II”
  4. Reynolds Dk Hd       “ “ “     “       “    “           “
  5. Kirkham O.S.          “ “ “     “     Tr. 288. Dinorah
  6. Hall Dk Hd                 “ “ “     “     Tr. 391 “Oceanic II”.
  7. Banham Dk Hd “ “       “      “       “     “          “

S.J. Williams Tel           “       “        “    “     Dr. 748 “Floandi”

J.H. Clement Tel           “       “        “     “    Tr   — Gillygate


All noon Feb 1st 1919



R.H. Palmer.

Lieut. R.N.V.R.


Motor Permit 1 February 1919

Motor Permit 1 February 1919


G.P.18913 A


The undersigned…Miss Dillon L.



being employed on Active Service, is hereby authorised by the Secretary of State for War to drive a motor car, lorry or bicycle, when on Government duty.


  1. Maude

Secretary of the War Office


Signature of Holder



Available from 1-2-19 to 31-2-19


On reverse


J.W. Linford 2nd Lt

  1. i/c Transport Section.

For O.C. Transport & Workshop Coy.


Honours & Awards 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919

Honours & Awards 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919




HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of JANUARY 1919




No                             Rank.                 Name                 Unit                                                 Action for which recommended


Major            THOMPSON E.V.    33rd Battery CFA                 For courage and devotion to duty.  As a Battery Commander, this Officer has constantly exhibited the greatest courage and resource on many occasions and under heavy shell fire, inspiring all ranks under his Command with the utmost confidence in his judgements and decisions.

During the Battles of AMIENS and ARRAS he exhibited the highest qualities throughout for coolness and accurate judgement under the most trying conditions.  His untiring energy and splendid example being at all times of the greatest value to the Service.



No                             Rank.                  Name                   Unit                                                    Action for which recommended






301289                Gunner.      McDONALD  J.A.  36th. Battery CFA          For bravery and devotion to duty near VIS-EN-ARTOIS.

Gunner McDONALD J.A. was a Member of “C” Gun Detachment engaged in cutting wire on the DROCOURT-QUEANT Switch on 1st. September preparatory to the battle of September 2nd.  His Section Commander and No 1 were killed and one of his gun crew mortally wounded.  He helped carry the dying and wounded men to a sheltered spot and then went back to his gun and continued running it alone until assistance was detailed to him.  Though continually shaken up he continued at his work.  His fearlessness and devotion to duty set an example to all his comrades and on this occasion was the means of keeping them steady and the guns firing regularly until the task was completed.




No                             Rank.                   Name                   Unit                                                   Action for which recommended






91432                     B.Q.M.S.       DOBSON  H.T.   31st. Battery CFA        For consistent good work and devotion to duty.  During the Amiens Battle he was frequently in charge of the Rear Wagon Lines besides carrying out his duties as Q.M.S.  During the ARRAS Battle he always personally escorted the rations to the guns, thereby rendering great assistance to the Officers.






300618                Bdr.                       LOMAX O.T. 33rd. Battery CFA       For conspicuous gallantry and disregard of personal danger in the vicinity of INCHY on September 27th 1918.  During the advance on the morning of September 27th 1918, the Battery came under intense shell fire on a road leading into INCHY, and a Gunner was severely wounded.  Bdr Lomax volunteered to stay with the wounded man.  After dressing his wounds he carried him to a place of safety and went in search of assistance.  During the whole of this time he was under the most intense shell fire but he succeeded in getting the wounded man to a Dressing Station.

After getting the wounded man to a Dressing Station Gnr Lomax reported back to the gun and carried on.  His utter disregard of danger and prompt action undoubtedly saved the man’s life.

War Diary of 9th CANADIAN ARTILLERY BRIGADE January 1919



From JANUARY 1919 – To JANUARY 31st 1919



DENDERWINDEKE 1.1.19            Brigade continued the march to the LILLE – TOURNAI Area from VELSENBEEK to DENDERWINDEKE arriving at the latter place at 1230 hours.


NEDERBRACKEL     2.1.19           Brigade resumed its march to the entraining Area and arrived at NEDERBRACKEL at 1300 hours.


RENAIX                       3.1.19           The Brigade continued the march and reached RENAIX at 11.30 hours.


KAIN LA TOMBE    4.1.19              In accordance with orders received Brigade marched to KAIN LA TOMBE Area.  H.Q. and the 33rd. and 45th. Batteries were billeted in LA TOMBE, and 31st. and 36th. Batteries were billeted in KAIN.


5.1.19           Parades of all the Batteries were addressed by Brig-General STEWART, DSO, C.R.A., prior to his leaving for CANADA.  Lieut-Col COGHLAN and Capt. FLEET returned from Corps Headquarters in GERMANY.  Col Coghlan proceeded on leave to U.K. and Capt Fleet was attached to the Brigade.


6.1.19            Batteries busy settling down, fixing up billets and wagon lines.


7.1.19            Bath Parades for all Batteries, the baths being located in TOURNAI.


8.1.19            The regular routine of training was carried on.  Lieut INCH, 31st. Battery CFA proceeded on leave to U.K.


9.1.19            A Field General Courts Martial was held at 3rd. C.D.A.C. H.Q.,  A meeting of the Sports Committee was held and Field selected for Football Games.  Orders were received that the 3rd. C.D.A. would probably move back to RENAIX on account of the difficulty of obtaining billets for all the 3rd. C.D.A.


RENAIX                      10.1.19         3rd. C.D.A. moved from KAIN LA TOMBE Area to RENAIX.


  • Batteries were occupied in arranging billets and Horse lines.


RENAIX                       12.1.19         Church Parades were held for Protestants at 0915 hours and for R.C.s at 1000 hours in the Church RENAIX. Meeting of Sports Committee was held at Bde. H.Q. and schedule for week drawn up.


13.1.19                    Lieut KINGSTON proceeded on leave to PARIS.  Football match between 33rd. and 36th. Batteries which resulted in a win for 36th. Battery by 6 – 0.


14.1.19                    Bath Parade for all Batteries during the morning.  The C.R.A. inspected the wagon Lines between 0900 and 1000 hours.


15.1.19                    Batteries carried on with the regular routine. Physical Training, Exercise Rides, Harness Cleaning etc.  Dentist who was to be attached to the Brigade reported, and began inspection of men’s teeth.


16.1.19                    The G.O.C. 3rd. Canadian Division addressed the Officers of the 3rd. C.D.A. during the morning.  A Football Team selected from the 9th Brigade played the Labour Corps, the latter loosing by 3 – 1.


17.1.19                    Medical Board arrived at Noon and about 150 men of the different Batteries were examined during the afternoon.  31st. Battery won the Championship of the Brigade Football League, defeating the 36th. Battery by 1 – 0.


18.1.19                    The C.R.A. inspected the wagon lines of the Batteries. The proposed inspection by the Corps Commander was Cancelled. Medical Inspection of all ranks was carried on.  Lieut-Col Coghlan returned from U.K. leave and Major Durkee reported back to the 10th. Brigade.


19.1.19                    Church Parades for some of the Batteries. Medical Examination was carried on.


20.1.19                    Usual Routine. Educational Classes were recommenced.  The following Supernumerary Officers left the Brigade to proceed to CANADA. – Lieut A.B. MANNING, Lieut A.E.C. KNIGHT, Lieut M.H.NEVILLE, Lieut W.E.CRASSIE, Lieut H.E.PEPLER.


21.1.19                    The regular routine, Harness cleaning, Exercise Rides & P.T. etc, was carried on.


22.1.19                    The 9th. Brigade C.F.A. defeated the 10th. Brigade C.F.A. in a game of football by a score of 5 – 0.  Educational Classes were discontinued owing to the difficulty of obtaining coal for Class rooms.


23.1.19                    Capt. R. Fleet who had been attached to the 36th. Battery reported to the 38th. Battery Nothing of importance outside the regular routine.



RENAIX                       24.1.19        The ”Dumbells” Concert Party arrived in Town and at night put on the first of the intended three performances.  36th. Battery held a Dance in one of the School Rooms.


25.1.19                    During the morning all the horses and mules of the Brigade were inoculated by the A.D.V.S. for Glanders.  Lieut. C.D. ROWE M.C, proceeded to report to the 48th. Battery, 1st. C.D.A. to take up duties of Captain.  Staff Captain ”Q”, 3rd. C.D.A. held a conference with all the Battery Commanders and Adjutant, for the purpose of discussing the handing over of equipment and stores.  The ”Dumbells” Concert Party gave another performance.


26.1.19                    Church Parade for ”Other Denominations” at 0915 hours in the Harmonie Hall and for R.C.s in the Stone Church at 1000 hours.  In accordance with the Demobilization Scheme, the first party, to return to CANADA with their families, proceeded to ENGLAND on 14 days leave at the expiration of which they will report to C.A.R.D WITLEY.


27.1.19                    Captain MacKINNON of the Canadian Chaplain Service delivered a lecture in the morning on ”SAFEGUARDS OF CIVILIZATION”.  The Dumbells Concert Party gave another performance in the Evening.


28.1.19                    Brigades turned in all Special Stores which were taken to the Base. Another lecture was given by Capt MacKINNON in the morning and also one in the afternoon.  The ”Dumbells Concert party gave their last performance in RENAIX.  In the evening the Officers of 3rd. C.D.A. held a dance in Harmonie Hall.

29.1.19                    Auditors visited Brigade and inspected all Books, Accounts etc of the Batteries. Orders were received that the Brigade would turn in all Stores, vehicles, Equipment etc on the morrow consequently Batteries were busy packing Stores equipment etc.  Elementary Classes recommenced in the morning.

30.1.19                    At about 0900 hours Batteries marched independently to KAIN Area where they were billeted for the night.  Lieut Kingston returned from “On Leave”.


31.1.19                    Batteries continued their march to BAISIEUX, where they will turn in all Equipment, Stores, Vehicles etc, after which they return to KAIN area for the night.  Boxing bouts took place in the recreation room next to the baths.


Fred T. Coghlan Lieut-Colonel

Commanding 9th. Canadian Artillery Brigade

Strength of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919

Strength of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919


APPENDIX                                         WAR DIARY                     JANUARY 1919








Cause                                                        Officers                                   O. Rs



Invalided Sick to ENGLAND

(Lieut H.H. STERNS)                                         1


(Lt. CD CROWE (MC) to 1st CDA)                    1                                            2

To CANADA                                                       5                                          10



Lieut J A LOY



To ENGLAND                                                                                                16

Died of Sickness                                                                                                 1

To C A R D BORDEN Eng                                                                              3

To C C R C                                                                                                         2

Hospital over 7 days                                                                                         39


Total                              7                                             73






Transferred                                                                                                         2

C C R C                                                                                                            22


Total                                                                                                            24



Officers                        Other Ranks


EFFECTIVE STRENGTH DECEMBER 31st       35                                         840


Decrease                                                                    7                                          73


28                                       767


Reinforcements etc                                                 –                                          24


EFFECTIVE STRENGTH JANUARY 31st              28                                        791

Honours & Awards 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919

Honours & Awards 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919













(M)ajor               E.V. THOMPSON                 33rd  BATTERY C.F.A.






301289         Gunner  J.A. McDONALD                  36th Battery C.F.A.





91432         B.Q.M.S    H.T. DOBSON                          31st. Battery C.F.A.




300618        Bdr.           O.T. LOMAX                       33rd Battery C.F.A.