War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 8 Mar 1918

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 8 Mar 1918


Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda
March 8 1918
The weather has sadly interfered with our plans here.

There is no prospect of leave for me. Some get it by pretending to be sick, but I have no desire to follow them home by adopting their methods.


War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 4 Mar 1918

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 4 Mar 1918




Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda



March 4 1918


Once again I have returned to my battery after a few days away on a job, which has all gone to the winds and for nothing owing to the sudden change in the weather and the heavy rains we have just had. However it is childish to be annoyed.  I have been attached to another battery, which I do not like.


What do you think of the Wimbush prosecution? I saw an account in the Times.  Well!  I suppose some people are like that, always thinking of their beastly skin or the inside of it.  I see Gilbert Frankau has been invalided out of the Gunners.  Now he will be able to spend his whole time writing, and not doing it in Government’s time.


What a censor! The two latest absurdities, prosecuting Gwynne.  So they cut off the names of places on my Rome post-cards, which were probably printed in Bavaria!  As if any intelligent person could not recognise the views on the cards.  But I suppose they must do something to justify their existence.  But there are too many of them at it, instead of using a shovel in the front line.


It is comparatively easy to get leave in Italy, but most difficult to obtain a warrant for home and all that it means.  Only the staff can get that.

F. Springett post card 2 March 1918



Mr S. K. Springett,

29 Bath Road,


Kent England


Postmark Field Post Office 5X A 11 MR 18


NOTHING is to be written on this side except the date and signature of the sender. Sentences not required may be erased. If anything else is added the post card will be destroyed.


I am quite well.

I have been admitted into hospital sick wounded and am going on well and hope to be discharged soon.

I am being sent down to the base.

I have received your letter dated telegram parcel

Letter follows at first opportunity

I have received no letter from you. Lately for a long time.


Signature only Frank S

Date March 9 1918




Alf Smith letter 1 March 1918

March 1st 18


My Dear Father


I hope you are quite well & keeping merry & bright; glad to say I am in the pink although rather fed up but still that’s a soldiers privilege to grumble.

I have been expecting to hear from you for sometime, have not had a letter since I came back only the two Pictorials; but possibly they have been delayed as the post has been very small lately or there may be something waiting for me as we are up the line at present, & yesterday was the first time any letters were sent up so I am looking forward to a big budget when we go back.

What sort of a time have you been having lately no air raids I hope?  It is farely quiet here & the weather is very nice; the worst trouble are the rats they are as big as elephants but still when you are right tired it takes more than that to trouble you.

Have you heard from Southend lately I had a letter about a fortnight ago & one from Charlie about the same time I hope they are all well.

Cannot think of much news to tell you so must finish now.

Au revoir.

With much love

From your




With envelope to Mr. T. Smith, 24 Palmerstone Rd., Bowes Park, London N 22 England.  Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE 25 3 MR 18.  Passed by Censor 1392 stamp.

War Diary of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade February 1918





From February 1st 1918 – To February 28th 1918




1.2.18 to 22.2.18    The weather continued fair and mild.  Batteries took advantage of the weather and were able to carry on with the Syllabus of Training.  Besides the regular drills the 45th Battery had a very instructive day in open warfare.  The Brigade made a very creditable showing in a Route March on Wednesday afternoon February 6th headed by the Piper Band of the 42nd Canadian Battalion.  The Brigade carried out Map Reading tests on Saturday afternoons, mounted, in which the 33rd and 36th Batteries did particularly well.  The men were entertained to many very fine moving picture shows in the local Cinema Theatre, which consisted of a lofty French barn with excessive ventilation.  On Thursday evening February 14th a very good concert was put on in the above Opera House, by Brigade talent.

O.O139 was issued February 18th with regards to the relief of the 2nd Canadian Division Artillery by the 3rd Canadian Divisional Artillery in the AVION-MERICOURT Sector, the 9th Brigade relieving the 5th Brigade C.F.A. on the 22nd instant.

On the 21st Feby the brigade marched to new wagon lines at LA TARGETTE and were inspected by the C.R.A.  The 33rd and 36th Btys made a very creditable showing.


S.10.d.9.6.  23.2.18              The enemy’s artillery and Trench Mortar activity slightly above normal.  Considerable movement observed in N.28.34 and 35.  Our low flying aeroplanes were active firing into enemy trenches in the AVION Sector.  Batteries carried out considerable harassing fire throughout the night on the points w[h]ere movement was observed during the day.




24.2.18            Hostile activity was slightly above normal during the past 24 hours.  Movement was again observed in N.28 and 35.  Our planes very active throughout the day, and were energetically engaged by enemy A.A.s.  One E.A. crossed our lines at 12.30 PM.


25.2.18              Minor Operational Order No. 1 was issued today with reference to a proposed raid by the 52nd Canadian Battalion on the AVION front for the purpose of obtaining identification and destroying three dugouts.  The 33rd 45th and 31st Batteries detailed to take part.  The night proved too bright and the raid was postponed.

The enemy’s artillery and trench mortars were active in the forward areas. MELVILLE ROAD and the BULL-RING again showed considerable movement.  No enemy aerial activity.  Our planes very active throughout the day.  The morning was misty owing to slight rain, clearing in the afternoon.


26.2.18            Enemy’s artillery and trench mortar activity quiet.  A great deal of movement is still being observed in the BULLRING.  Enemy’s aeroplanes fairly active.  One of our planes was brought down in the vicinity of MERICOURT.

Our patrols made daylight reconnaissance in front of AVION entering the enemy’s lines and returned without being discovered. During the night the 52nd Battalion raided the enemy’s trenches about the same spot meeting with considerable opposition, capturing a M.G. and causing six casualties to the enemy.  We had a few slightly wounded.


27.2.18            Enemy’s artillery more active than usual, the forward areas receiving a considerable amount of scattered shelling; T.Ms remaining quiet.  Constant movement still being observed in the BULL RING.  Two E.As flying low, patrolled our lines between LENS and VIMY.  Our low flying machines fired many drums into the enemy’s front line between MERICOURT and AVION.  Visibility in the morning – fair.  Afternoon – good.


28.2.18            Enemy’s artillery quiet.  Our batteries very active sniping movement on our front.  Considerable train movement observed in the direction of MONTIGNY.  Four E.As attempted to cross our lines during the day but were turned back by our patrols and A.As.  Our planes showed considerable activity throughout the day and night.  Our bombing planes were engaged by the enemy’s A.A. batteries firing chain lights and phosphorus sprays.  Visibility was indifferent, owing to sleet.  Some bright spots during the day.




A/C.O. 9th Canadian Arty Brigade

War Diary of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for February 1918

WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters For February 1918



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


Fighting Strength 52 Offs  936 O.R.s


H.10.d. (Sheet 51c) 1/2/18 to 4/2/18             Battalion in Rest.  Brigade, Battalion & Coy training carried out, also training of Additional Specialists.

H.4.d                      5/2/18  11.20 am.           Brigade inspected by G.O.C. VI Corps.

5/2/18 to 7/2/18                                             Battalion and Company training carried out.

GOUY en ARTOIS   8/2/18 10.15 am.          Battn proceeded by march route to GOUY en ARTOIS, Q.13.c.

DURHAM CAMP 9/2/18 10.10 am.             Battn proceeded by march route to DURHAM CAMP S.11.a.

MORY L’ABBAYE 10/2/18 10.0 am.          Battn proceeded by march route to MORY L’ABBAYE B.22.a

11/2/18                           Battn relieved 21st Middlesex Regiment in front line running from U.21.a.75.10 to U.20.B.40.80.  Sheet 51b S.W.

B.21.d (Sheet 57c NW) 23/2/18 7. pm.         Battn relieved by 2/5th Sherwood Foresters and proceeded by march route to NORTH CAMP, MORY B.21.d.

24/2/18 to 25/2/18             Battn on Working Parties.

Sheet 51 B SW     26/2/18  5.45 pm.              Letters A & C Coys proceeded to Railway Reserve (24.d.7.5) to construct accommodation for Reserve Bn. in Brigade Sector.

28/2/18 6.0.pm.                 Battn H.Q. & Letters B & D Coys proceeded to 25.b.3.4


Fighting Strength   53 Offs   883 O.R.s.


All entries countersigned K.F. Bunting

War Diary of 20 Siege Battery for February 1918

WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for February 1918


Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information



10th                  No 276082 Sergt WILMER H. awarded Belgian CROIX DE GUERRE.

16th                  2 O.R wounded.

17th                  Major LGRFH BELL admitted Hospital sick.

24th                  Lt. H.L. PAUL, R.G.A. (T.F.) joined Battery from England

27th                  1 O.R. wounded.  Destruction shoot by 8” How (2 guns) in Forward Battery position.


1400 rounds fired during month in destructive shoots on Hostile Batteries. 7 OKs & 21 Y days ranging. Battery neutralised on several occasions. Battery positions as on Jany 1st

Officers throughout the month as in January, with addition of Lt. H.L. PAUL from 24th Feb