Hammond letter 15 Nov 1914

9 Countess Street Stockport



Dear W,

I suppose you are wondering how we are all getting along.  Fred got back last Monday & said what an enjoyable time he had had.  He & his friend Earlam sent off their application for service abroad, but have received no reply up to now.  We have tried to dissuade George from joining the army but he has definitely decided to join some Regiment tomorrow morning.  Arthur Boon has joined the 7th Manchester’s & George will either join the same or the Public Schools Brigade which is just forming.  We regret the necessity of him taking this course but cannot under the circumstances refuse our consent.  Gladys feels very proud of him & is pleased that he is so patriotic.

We hope he will prove a valiant soldier & pray that he may return to us unhurt.  The home will be very quiet when both of them are away.

However we shall have to brace ourselves up to the necessities of the times.

Gladys has been to the dentist & had ½ dog teeth filled, but as we have not yet had the bill we cannot say what the cost will be.


Ma, Gladys & I went to a whist drive & dance last Thursday & Ma brought home the 2nd prize which was a very handsome Lady’s Satchel.  We had a very good time.  Gladys has been spending the weekend at Mrs. Leah’s.  We are expecting her back tonight.

Business is very scarce & lapses numerous.

I am still a little increase however.

We are not so far off Xmas when I hope we may all meet together again

With love from all