Below you will find a selection of website links and affiliates that we highly recommend that you visit!

Beyond the Point

Beyond the Point, is an informal blog run by two local teenagers Joe and Liam. Every now and then they explore remote area’s of Castle Point and beyond to find and record information about less well-known historical remains. The remains that they have blogged about range from the Occidental jetty and refinery site to World War pillboxes and bunkers. You can visit their Facebook page, YouTube and Twitter account and their forum from their site.

Founded in 2006, the Canvey Community Archive (CCA) are the ‘official’ website and archive for the island. With just a year into running the site, they had won an award and since then, have continued with their hard work. There won’t be a bit of history about the island that’s not on the site! You can add your own articles, read and comment on them with the dates ranging from centuries ago to the present day. You can also visit their forum with many local members.


The Coalhouse Fort Project was set up in the 1980’s with the goal of maintaining, restoring and promoting the fort. Filled with images and information, the site offers a great in-depth knowledge of the site.

The weather forecast and conditions directly on Canvey Island, complete with tides and a webcam of the Island’s skies. Thanks you for advertising the Bay Museum website.


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