Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 9 July 1942.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

09/07/1942    08.40  Raweth          Bombardier No 1474857 Harry Owens age 20

years, a single man of the 329th A.A. Heavy Battery R.A. was examining a hand grenade at the A.A. gun site when it exploded killing him instantly.  The Army Hut in which the explosion occurred was damaged.

09/07/1942    Found  South            1 – A.A. unexploded Shell in a field 200 yards

Benfleet         South of “Winifred” a house in Thundersley Park Road.  No damage or casualties.  Date and time of falling not known.

09/07/1942    Found  Canvey         1 – H.E. unexploded in a field at the Western end

Island           of Waterside Farm.  No damage or casualties.  Date of falling believed 24.10.40.  (Disposed of BDS   42).

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