Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 8 November 1941.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 8 November 1941.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

08/11/1941    09.55  Landwick       On the 7.11.41 on instructions, Sergt. William

Wood Dow Petrie.  Regt No. 1880533 of the 205th Field Company, R.Es stationed at Battlesbridge and a party of men were going to make a roadway across a minefield situated near the Sewage Farm, Landwick.  Before starting on the road way several mines had to be exploded and this was done 7th inst.  At 09-55 hrs the 8th inst. Sergt Petrie and five men went to the minefield to carry out their job of putting a fence on either side of the supposed roadway, but before commencing work the Sergeant went into the supposed roadway to make certain that all the mines had been exploded and he there found a recovery wire leading to a mine.  He told his men to stand back, which they did.  He then got hold of the wire with his hand and walked towards the mine.  Sergt Petrie had almost reached the mine when it exploded and blew him to pieces.  The remains of Petrie’s body was conveyed to Billericay Mortuary.  No other person was hurt.

08/11/1941    13.20  Bowers           A British Spitfire made a forced landing at Smokey

Gifford            Farm, due to shortage of petrol.  Air-screw and under-carriage damaged.  The Pilot, Flight Sergt. Sanderson from 616 Squadron, West Malling, Kent escaped injury.

08/11/1941    19.45  Great              2 – Para mines.  One exploded 100 yards North of

Wakering       Old Halfway House Farm.  Telephone wires down.  No casualties.  One unexploded with parachute attached on Saltings at Fleet Head Creek.  30 yards from sea wall at Wick Farm.  1st Para tailcap found 100 yards North of Old Halfway House Farm.  1 1/2 miles from River Roach.  Letters embossed thereon OOS.M. 2018.  2nd Para tailcap found 100 yards North East of Old Halfway House Farm 1 1/2 miles from River Roach.  North wind.  (Unexploded mine removed by Admiralty 15.11.41).