Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 14September 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 14September 1940.



Date                Time   Location         Damage


14/09/1940    03.10  Canewdon    I.Bs (about 40) on Marshes between Norpits and

RaypitsFarm.  No damage or casualties.

14/09/1940   03.30  Bowers           1 – H.E. exploded in back garden of 34 Highlands

Gifford            Road Pound Lane.  Slight damage to property.  No casualties.

14/09/1940    05.20  Canvey          5 – H.Es 1 unexploded in Canvey Island Bus Coy

Island             Garage. Leigh Beck, Point Road.  Road B 1014 closed and 1 in High Beck School grounds.  1 exploded in the mud and 2 on the sea wall near the Casino.  Slight damage to property.  No casualties.  Safe B.D.S. 4.11.40 road & school open.

14/09/1940    06.00  Vange            Barrage Balloon grounded near Vange School.

Telephone and electric cables damaged.

14/09/1940               Lee Chapel   1 – H.E. unexploded in a field off Green Lane.  No

damage or casualties,

14/09/1940               Basildon        1 – A.A unexploded Shell 200 yards South East of

junction Gardeners Lane and Basildon Road at Irverns Farm.  No damage or casualties.

14/09/1940                Vange             1 – A.A unexploded Shell in garden of “Eden

Lodge” Timberlog Lane.  No damage or casualties.

14/09/1940    16.15  Rochford       British Spitfire crashed and burnt out in a field

adjoining Rochford Aerodrome 100 yards West of Ann Boleyn P.H.  Pilot killed.

14/09/1940   22.00  Hadleigh        2 – H.Es unexploded at the end of Rushbottom

Lane.  No damage or casualties.

14/09/1940   22.00  Wickford        1 – H.E. exploded on a bungalow in Rectory Road.

Extensive damage.  1 slight casualty.

14/09/1940   22.05  North              6 – H.Es 1 unexploded opposite junction of Old

Benfleet         Harrows Road and Arterial Road, 1 unexploded and 1 I.B. burnt out at Bonvilles Farm.  No damage or casualties.  Dealt with by B.D.S. 6.3.41

14/09/1940    23.00  Rochford       1 – H.E. exploded in the garden of a house in

Shopland.  Slight damage to property (Motor cycle blown onto shed roof).  No casualties.

14/09/1940   23.50  Hawkwell       2 – H.Es, 1 unexploded 100 yards West of Church

in a field (exploded at 08.20 the 15.9.40), 1 exploded 250 yards West of the Church.  1 slight casualty.  Church spire broken off.  Damage to a cottage and overhead electric cables.

14/09/1940   23.59  Little Warley  3 – H.Es exploded in a field 1/4 mile East of Hall

Lane and 500 yards South of Arterial Road.  1 cottage slightly damaged.  No casualties.