Norman Richardson 26 November 1916

Opened on Nov. 1st 1916.
Started Intelligence Nov 21st 1916.
Norman Richardson
2nd Lieut S.O.
From 6 pm, 25/11/16 till 6 am, 26/11/16
Intermittent shelling of HEBUTERNE with 5.9” & 4.2”, commencing at 5.50 pm and at intervals of five to ten minutes, till 7.0 pm. Occasional rounds were sent over during the night but on the whole, the enemy’s artillery was very quiet.
Own Artillery: very quiet.
Enemy T.Ms: 6.30 pm: Enemy noticed our wiring party at top of YUZ and put 3 minenwerfer (small) close to them. No damage was done.
Enemy M.Gs: quiet.

See Patrol Summaries (enclosed)
Note: Received Quadrant Periscope from BOW.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
From 6 am till 6 pm, 26/11/16
Enemy Artillery: The morning was very quiet, owing to the rain and mist. In the afternoon it became much clearer and consequently there was greater artillery activity on both sides. A few 5.9” shells fell near the R. Support Co. H.Q. And between 3 & 4 pm shells of the same calibre (shrapnel) were directed on the batteries on the left of HEBUTERNE.
Enemy Movement: sentry frequently seen at K.4.d.1.5.
10.30 am men seen going along commun trenches K.5.a.20 to K.5.a.5.2.
10.45 am Movements seen along trench K.4.d.7.9. to K.4.d.8.8. Our Artillery shelled this trench.
12.30 pm Men frequently during next hour were seen moving about trenches in the cemetery K.4.d.7.8. Our observers were unable to perceive their occupation.
1 pm – 2 pm Observation kept on point K.4.b.4.4. which we suspect to be an O.P. owing to its position & appearance.
1.15 pm man was seen to leave this position.
Men seen at intervals with full pack on.

Enemy Work
8.30 am. Working party seen in trench K.5.c.6.1. to K.c.10.95. draining trench. Reported to artillery who shelled the trench.
9.15 am. Working party in trench K.4.d.4.7. to K.4.d.7.5. This party was also draining trench & were reported to artillery.
12.45 pm. Two men in great-coats & steel helmets, with full pack were seen leaving trenches at point E.28.b.5.2.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.

George Ryan’s letter home dated 26 Nov 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 26 Nov 1915

On headed notepaper with regimental crest 9th Middlesex Regt.
26 Nov 1915

Dear M & F,

Thanks very much for your letter of Nov 4 also for the parcel of Tobacco & Gums which I received at Jafferpore the day after I wrote last week. I’ve had 2 or 3 of the chocolates with my bread & butter at tea-time each day, they are alright & the gums are quite a treat. They kept quite alright & they did not taste of Tobacco. The fags are all gone but about 4 so there’s no need to say anything more about them.

I didn’t do so well as I expected at Firing. I missed two days; that made a lot of difference. But I expect we shall fire another course before next Sept. We might possibly fire again next March at Dinapore.

I’ve asked Mr. Walker to send you an extra £1= I have not been able to go up to Calcutta to get anything so will you get them all something for me for Christmas about 2/- also something for yourself & what’s over put to the “General Expenses”.

We are moving on the 9th or 10th of next month but 40 of us are to be left behind. We don’t know who they will be yet.

Hoping you are all well.
Love to all,
Yr loving son

Answer to Dinapore.