TACTICAL PROGRESS REPORT. From 6 am till 6 am, 24/11/16.

Opened on Nov. 1st 1916.
Started Intelligence Nov 21st 1916.
Norman Richardson
2nd Lieut S.O.
From 6 pm, 23/11/16 till 6 am, 24/11/16.
Enemy Artillery: HEBUTERNE was shelled during the night with about 30 rounds, 4.2” shells at 10 pm & 11 pm. About 20 of the same calibre came over near the Left Support Co. on the left of the village at 1.30 am and 5.0 am.
Own Artillery: carried out a prearranged programme at 9 pm, 9.45 pm & 10.30 pm; for the purpose of keeping gaps in the enemy wire open.
Enemy T.M’s: Fairly quiet. On the right of our sector a few L.T.Ms fell. Also about 20 L.T.Ms were sent over our left company frontage mostly on “B” line. No damage was done.
Enemy M.G’s: active between 4.30 pm and 7 pm traversing the parapets and striking the houses near Bn HQ.
A wiring party was heard at K.4.c.30.80. after the first burst of fire. Nothing else was heard of the enemy.
The T.Ms seemed to be firing from K.4.c.40.70.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Note: This was not sent in till 7.40 am. It may be late.
TACTICAL PROGRESS REPORT.  From 6 am till 6 am, 24/11/16.
Enemy Artillery: Enemy shelled HEBUTUERNE intermittently with 5.9” H.E., especially between 8.45 am and 9.15 am and 1.30 pm and 2 pm.
A few whizz-bangs were distributed about the trenches. Some were registered around the MOUSETRAP, also the DISUSED TRENCH, but no damage was done. One bay about 30x N of YUZ was blown in, in ‘R’ line.
Own Artillery: continuous all day.
Enemy T.M’s: silent today.
Enemy M.G’s: firing on our aircraft in the early morning..
Enemy movement. Parties of men seen moving about near E.23.d.81.
Enemy Work: 7.0 am: Small party working in communication trench at K.4.c.9.4. digging – Reported to R.F.A. who shelled with H.E. – Work ceased.
7.0 am – 8.0 am: Small parties working in trench at E.30.a.90.70.to E.30.d.58.
8.30 am: Small working party at K.4.d.5.7.
Reported to Artillery who dispersed this party.
Work continued at E.30.a.90.70. as above.
11.25 am. Small working parties observed again at K.4.c.9.4. & again dispersed by our artillery.
3.45 pm: Working party started digging in cemetery GOMMECOURT
Reported to R.F.A. who opened fire on them and the party cleared off.

9.30 am: Four men were seen working on broken part of Trench at point K.3.d.6.5. One was observed to be using a mall. He was immediately fired on and fell face downwards into the trench. The other three at once rushed for cover. Only one of the party was observed to be wearing a steel helmet, the others round caps.
10.30 am: Two men were seen to be carrying New Wood deals into front line trench at point K.3.d.8.7. These were fired on but no hits observed.

Enemy Snipers: inactive.
Note 1. Light was bad in the morning especially between 6 am & 7 am and 8 am and 12 noon.
Note 2. Work continued on Sniping post L2 (YIDDISH)
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Patrol Reports (Summaries)
No Compn Time of Place of Object RESULTS
Exit Entry Exit Entry
1 1 N.C.O + 4 O.R. 6.30 pm 1 German seen walking from Bosch Sap at K.3.d.72.63. to sap at K.3.d.55.67.
2. Wiring party of 10 seen outside their wire a little right of K.3.d.69.66.

2 1 N.C.O + 4 O.R 6.30 pm 8.45 pm K.3.d.2.9. K.10.a.7.7. 1. Our Wire is about 100x from our parapet. On left of point of exit, wire is poor. On right it is much broken, but a good obstacle.
2. Ground: fair condition. Many new shell holes, with no water in them.
3. Patrol had to return, being fired on by a covering party of Bosche wiring party at a point about 300 yards half right from point of exit.
3 1 Offr + 5 O.R. 10.15 pm 11.55 pm K.10.a.25.90. Do Listening to working parties 1. Heard Bosche wiring party about K.4.c.6.6.
2. Noises from our side of line clearly audible e.g. “Fire” (batteries), Coughing & talking. Also transport.

4 1 Offr + 5 O.R. 9.35 pm 12.5 am K.3.d.3.6. 40 yds to left of point of exit. 1 Bosche Wire is a considerable distance from his trench.
2 Heard German transport distinctly.
Note: Very bad visibility

N. Richardson
2nd Lt.

Norman Richardson 24 November 1916

Opened on Nov. 1st 1916.
Started Intelligence Nov 21st 1916.
Norman Richardson
2nd Lieut S.O.
Notes on Maps in Possession.
1. About 30 57C NW Edition 4A. Achiet Le Grand.
2. About 30 57C SW “ “ Martinpuich
3. About 10 1/20,000 Puisieux
4. 1 Achiet.

On separate leaf.

Dugouts. Left Coys Front.
1. Signallers 15 men lying supported by strong beams. 12’ cover.
2. Coy H.Q. 3 beds, supported by 6” props. 4’ cover.
3. Runners. 6 men. 8’ cover.
4. Holds 20 men. 2 entrances. 4’ top.
5. 12 men. good condition. 6’ cover.
6. Elephant dugout, holds 8. cover 3’.
7. Holds 6. Off servants. 4’ cover.

1. Weatherproof hold 3 men.
Others 4 each hold 4. 3’ cover.
2. 2 each hold 5 men. Corrugated iron cover
3. Patrol post. hold 4 men. Corrugated Iron cover
4. 5 others in SUPPORT LINE hold 3 men. Corrugated Iron cover.
F.C. Bootimore Lt.
D Coy

Illustration of locations.

Letter to Dick-Cunyngham dated 24 Nov 1916

Letter to Dick-Cunyngham dated 24 Nov 1916

Written on embossed Government notepaper.
Dear Dick-Cunyingham,

Please congratulate those concerned on the work done in connection with Beaumont-Hamel and clearing up generally.

We are sorry to loose you hope you may yet come back to the V Corps

Yours **
Gerald Boyd