53 Infantry Brigade message 20 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade message 20 October 1917

B.M.A. Day of month 20
1. CINDER will relieve 2 secs CHUM in the line on the night 20/21.
2. All details of relief will be arranged between Cos concerned.
3. These 8 guns will withdraw on Y/Z night commencing at 3 am and will take up the foll positions.
2 guns with counter attack Bn.
2 guns at FERDINAND FM.
4 guns at CANAL BANK.
4. Ack.
1.30 pm signature unreadable.

53 Infantry Brigade amendments 20 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade amendments 20 October 1917

53rd Inf. Bde. No. C. 768
Bn. 54th Bde
18th Div.

Reference Amendments No. 2 to 53rd Inf. Brigade Preliminary Instructions No. 1 for POELCAPPELLE II, para:5 b.
It is hoped to be able to put down an artillery barrage to assist any attack of the counter-attack Battalion to dislodge enemy who have obtained a footing in our position.
Copies of Maps of artillery barrages that can be put down at once, are issued herewith.
In order to enable this to be done, counter-attacks will be carried out if the situation permits from the same direction as the assaults on ā€Zā€ day, I.e. from the N.W.
As soon as word is received at Brigade H.Q. that the enemy have penetrated our lines and that the counter-attack Coys are moving up, a standing barrage will be put on the position held by the enemy.
At a time to be agreed upon between O.C. Bn and the Brigade Commander, a creeping barrage will open on the nearest line that is safe for our troops, and will stand for eight minutes before starting to creep back at the rate of 50 yards in four minutes.

The counter-attack troops will move forward close under this barrage.
J.D. Crosthwaite,
Brigade Major, 53rd Infantry Brigade.
20th Oct. 17.