53 Infantry Brigade Order to 7th Queen’s R 19 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order to 7th Queen’s R 19 October 1917

SECRET. 53rd Inf. Bde . No. C. 767

O.C. 7th Queens R.
Reference Camouflage Attack described in para: 6 of 53rd Inf. Bde. Order No. 106.
You will divide the front on which the attack is to take place into 3 sectors.
For each sector 2 guides should be provided.
The 6 guides thus provided, together with an Officer who is thoroughly acquainted with the front line, will meet Major COLES, Corps Cyclists in charge of the attack, at 5.30 p.m. on “Y” day, near the tramway on the ST. JULIEN – POELCAPPELLE Road about U.30.d.5.8.
This Officer will take with him a sketch showing the disposition of the troops holding that portion of the line affected by the Camouflage attack.
He will be responsible for having the camouflage parties guided to the points selected by Major COLES.
Please acknowledge.
John D. Crosthwaite,
Brigade Major 53rd Infantry Brigade.
19th Oct. 17.

53 Infantry Brigade Order 105 19 October 1917 B.M.

53 Infantry Brigade Order 105 19 October 1917

SECRET. Copy No.:- 2.
19th October, 1917.
53rd Inf. Bde. Order No. 105.
1. 7th Queens will come under the orders of G.O.C. 53rd Inf. Bde. from noon 20th instant.

2. The Divisional front is being extended on night 19/20th as far N. as V.14.c.15.15.
3. 7th Queens will take over from 7th Bedford R. on the right, and 6th Northants on the left, with 2 Coys, each, with H.Q. at BULOW FARM.

4. Coys. for right subsector should move up by HURST PARK – NEW HOUSES track, and for Left subsector by GOURNIER FARM – PHEASANT FARM track.

Coys will move by platoons at 200 yards distances. Leading platoons should leave HURST PARK about 3.45 p.m.

5. Os. C. 7th Bedford R. and 6th Northants. R. will arrange for guides on the scale of 1 per platoon and 1 per Coy. H.Q. to meet incoming troops at U.30.d.5.8. and PHEASANT FARM at 5 p.m.

6. All other details of relief to be arranged direct between C.Os. concerned.

7. Completion of relief will be reported to Brigade H.Q. by code word RATIONS.

John D. Crosthwaite
Brigade Major, 53rd Inf. Bde.
Issued at: – 4 pm
Copies to:-
Copy No:-
1. G.O.G. 15. 79th Fd. Coy R.E.
2. B.M. 16. 151st Coy. A.S.C.
3. S.C. 17. 54th Inf. Bde.
4. S.O. 18. 55th Inf. Bde.
5. Supply O. 19. Right Bde. 34th Div.
6. T.O. 20. Left Bde. 9th Div.
7. Norf. R. 21. 18th Div “G”.
8. Suff. R. 22. 18th Div “Q”.
9. Essex R. 23. A.P.M. 18th Div.
10. R. Berks. R. 24. War Diary.
11. 53rd M.G.C. 25. War Diary.
12. 53rd T.M.B. 26. File.
13. 7th Queens R. 27. 7th Bedford R.
14. 56th Fd. Amb. 28. 6th Northants. R.

53 Infantry Brigade message 19 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade message 19 October 1917

“A” Form

To All Concerned.

Senders Number Day of Month In reply to Number AAA
c. 762 19

ref Bde Order No 104. Train will now leave RAILHOEK at 10/30 am AAA All times will be advanced ½ an hour. AAA There will be no halt at clock house. AAA Ack
53 Inf Bde
7/30 pm
John D. Crosthwaite
Bde. Major.
Issued to:-
18 Div G
“ Q
157 ASC
Supply O
53 M.G.C.
Bde Sig O
A.P.M. 18 Div.

53 Infantry Brigade Order 104 amendments 19 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order 104 amendments 19 October 1917

53rd Inf. Bde. No. C. 756.
19th October 1917.
Amendment to 53rd Infantry Bde. Order No 104.
Para: 5.
On completion of relief Battalion of 10th Essex R. will be disposed In CANE TRENCH Area.

John D. Crosthwaite.
Brigade Major, 53rd Infantry Brigade.
To Recipients of
Bde. Order No. 104.
Issued at p.m.

53 Infantry Brigade Order 106 19 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order 106 19 October 1917

SECRET. Copy No. 2
Ref. map “C”. 19th October,1917.
53rd Inf. Bde. Order No. 106.
1. Information. On a day which has been notified to all concerned, the XVIII Corps in conjunction with Corps on its left, will attack the enemy in front of it.
2. Intention. The attack will be carried out by the 18th Div.
The 102nd Brigade, 34th Div., of the XIV Corps will be on the left of the 18th Div.
The attack on the 18th Div front will be carried out by the 53rd Infantry.. Brigade, less 8th Suff. R. and 6th R. Berks. R.
3. Dividing Lines & Objectives. Dividing Lines between units and their Objectives are shown on Map “C”
4. General Plan. The 8th Norf. R. will attack at Zero and make good the dotted BLUE Line shown on Map “C”.
At Zero plus 2 hours, 3 Coys 10th Essex R. will attack and make good the BLUE Line shown on Map “C” as far South as V.20.d.2.8.
At Zero plus 3 hours, 1 Coy 10th Essex R. will attack and make good the remainder of the BLUE Line.
5. Tasks of Units. Tasks of units are detailed in para: 5 of 53rd Inf. Bde. Preliminary Instructions No.1 for POELCAPPELLE OPERATIONS II., and amendments thereto.
6. Artillery. (i). Barrage Maps have been issued to all concerned. The left flank of the barrage covering the attack on BEEK HOUSES, will run along the line V.20.c.45.55. – V.20.d.70.75.
(ii). It must be impressed upon all ranks that the barrage will be an enfilade one, and that they will therefore not be able to move up close under the shell bursts as in a frontal barrage. They are quite safe 70 yards from the shell burst. An enfilade barrage is safer than a frontal one as shorts can do no harm, and the lateral error of a gun is very small.
(iii). A camouflage attack will be carried out from the British front line trenches in V.27.c. to V.20.c.
The front of the attack on the 53rd Bde. front will be behind the line V.26.a.8.9. to V.20.c.2.8.
An artillery barrage will be put down at Zero and last till Zero plus 40.
Initial barrage line will be V.20.c.95.00. – V.20.c.45.90.
Camouflage figures will be put up at irregular intervals during that period.
7. Forming Up. 8th Norf. R. and 10th Essex R. will each send up special parties on X/Y night to mark out their forming up lines with wire and stakes.
O.C. 79th Fd. Coy. R.E. will detail an Officer to assist in this.
Special parties will be sent up be each Bn. at dusk, on Y/Z night to tape out these lines and to put up platoon discs.
8. Communications. As detailed in Appendix “D” to 53rd Inf. Bde. Preliminary Instructions No 1 for POELCAPPELLE OPERATIONS II.
(a) A contact machine will fly over objectives at –
Zero plus 1 hour.
Zero plus 5 hours.
and when ordered by Corps Headquarters.
Infantry will be ready to light RED FLARES, or wave WATSON FANS if no flares are available, at these hours but will NOT do so unless called for by Klaxon horn or by the dropping of WHITE lights.
Each contact aeroplane will be marked with two BLACK rectangular flags (2 ft. by 1 ft. 3 ins) attached to and projecting from the lower plane on each side of the fuselage.
(b) Counter-attack Machine.
An aeroplane will be continuously up during daylight from Zero onwards, whose mission will be to detect the approach of enemy counter-attacks.
Whenever this patrol observes hostile parties of 100 or over moving to counter-attack, it will drop a smoke bomb over that portion of the front to which the enemy is moving.
The smoke bomb will burst about 100 feet below the machine into a white parachute flare which descends slowly, leaving a long trail of brown smoke about 1 foot broad behind it.
(c) Situation Reports.
In addition to all other messages and reports, a situation report will be forwarded every two hours after Zero.
9. Liaison. As detailed in para: 9 of 53rd Inf. Bde. Preliminary Instructions No 1 for POELCAPPELLE OPERATIONS I.

10. Dress. As detailed in 53rd Inf. Bde. No 1. B.M. 818 of 8th October, 18917..
11. Administration. As detailed in 53rd Inf. Bde. No S.C./Y/8 of the 19th October 1917.
12. Synchronization of Watches. A watch will be sent to Battns at 4 p.m. on “X” day, and at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on “Y” day.

John D. Crosthwaite
Brigade Major, 53rd Inf. Bde.
Issued at:- 6 am 20th
Copy No:-
1. G.O.G. 11. 53rd M.G.C. 21. Right Bde. 34th Div.
2. B.M. 12. 53rd T.M.B. 22. Left Bde. 9th Div.
3. S.C. 13. 79th Fd. Coy R.E. 23. 18th Div “G”.
4. S.O. 14. 56th Fd. Amb. 24. 18th Div “Q”.
5. T.O. 15. 151st Coy. A.S.C. 25. XVIII Corps Cyclists.
6. Supply O. 16. 7th Queens R. 26. War Diary.
7. Norf. R. 17. 54th T.M.B. 27. War Diary.
8. Suff. R. 18. 55th T.M.B. 28. File.
9. Essex R. 19. 54th Inf. Bde.
10. R. Berks. R. 20. 55th Inf. Bde.