George Ryan’s letter home dated 15 Oct 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 15 Oct 1915

On headed notepaper with regimental crest 9th Middlesex Regt.
15 Oct 1915

Dear M & F,

Thanks for your letter of Sept 23rd. We still get newspapers alright. I don’t see how they could stop them.

Yes I wish I could come home & look after my sisters. Apparently they want a little looking after. But I don’t think you will see me home till 3 or 4 months after peace has been declared.

R. Bales had a serious illness I think a few months ago but I should think he’s alright again now. Have E & C Clark joined anything?

Our paper says this morning that there’s been another Zeppelin raid over London, but they did no damage to Public Buildings. I hope it wasn’t in your district. It’s time they found some means of stopping them. I notice Bottomley put rather a “puzzler” in his article in the Sun. Pictorial a few weeks ago when he asked how it was they never raided Paris now.

You asked me last week if there was anything you could send me. There are one or two odd things you might send next time you are sending anything. I’m pretty well off in clothing as after we got that £3= a little while ago I got some vests & khaki shirts & I’m going to get some thin socks & Pyjamas when I go to Calcutta to-morrow; they are quite cheap there. In my top left hand draw I think you’ll find a couple of hexagon shaped pencils, with protectors & rubber; you might send me those, also my “Shorthand Instructor”, my watch wrist strap – if it’s still knocking about – & some grey darning wool & a yard of ¼ “ elastic. And I should like you to get me a couple of tooth brushes, (shaped), a bottle of Brilliantine & a pipe. I can’t get any decent darning wool or tooth-brushes. I’ve paid 12a for the latter & I’ve paid 4a but neither are much good. You know the size bottle of Brilliantine I used to have. Don’t pay more than 9d for it. I don’t think you can get it locally but I expect Dad passes a barber’s. I’ve drawn the pipe I should like on the back of this sheet. Get a good one, a “Brumfit” or “Civic” or something of that sort. Pipes are not up to much here unless you pay a lot for them. The one I’ve got now I paid 2s/6d for in Calcutta but it isn’t a very good one, although it’s English make. (Peterson’s)

I only paid 3d insurance on Dad’s cigars so if your rates are no dearer its worth while insuring parcels. The rate goes with what you value the contents at. I think ours is 3d up to £1=.

By the way I hope you have not kept any of my under clothing – shirts, vests, pants, ties collars – what Dad can’t wear, put in the Rag-bag.

We are still arguing among ourselves as to whether we are going to Dinapore so answer this to Dum-dum. I suppose if we do move we shall only be given a few hours notice, as usual.

Hoping you are all well.
A touch of Prickly Heat now & again is the only trifle troubling me.
Love to all, from
Yr affec son

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