20th (Light) Division. Order 1 October 1917

By Major-General W. DOUGLAS SMITH, C.B.
Commanding 20th (Light) Division.
Monday, 1st October, 1917.
The following telegrams are published for information:-
“To 20th Division.
G. 568. 30/9/17.
The Army Commander wishes to thank all ranks 20th Div. for the part they have played in the third battle of YPRES. The Division may well be proud of the capture of LANGEMARCK on August 16th and the taking of EAGLE TRENCH on September 23rd. while holding the line of STEENBEEK during a prolonged spell of bad weather the Div. showed a good soldierly spirit under difficult conditions. The Army Commander is sorry to lose such a fine fighting Division.
From Fifth Army.”

“To Fifth Army.
G.B. 746. 1/10/17. G.568.
All ranks of 20th Division are much gratified by the praise bestowed on them by the Army Commander and they hope that they will have the good fortune to fight under him again.
From 20th Div.”

The undermentioned men have been found unfit for duty with their respective units, and should be struck off strength, and transferred to 221st Employment Company from this date.
They should be instructed to report to O.C. 221st Employment Company forthwith:–
Regtl. No. Rank and Name. Unit.
2730 Rfn. T.W. MARLOW 10th K.R.R.C.
338 “ J. BENNETT “
27549 “ F. CROUCH 12th K.R.R.C.
38161 “ B. PIKE. “
(Authority: A.G. – C/177, dated 12/5/17).

All units to whom copies of the following have been issued, will return the same to D.H.Q. not later than 5th October, 1917:–

Fifth Army Traffic Map.
“ “ Traffic Orders.
“ “ General Circular No. 1, with Index and additions.

H. MILLER, Lieut.-Colonel,
A.A. & Q.M.G.

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