Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 28 Sept 1914

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 28 Sept 1914

My darling one,

Just a line, have been out all afternoon & post goes at 7 p.m. Enclosure for perusal! & safe keeping. 2 letters today from you also Kolgnos – powder & Formamint, most useful – Poor little Aunt Lalla, Gina wrote, and added at the last moment news of her death; it is very sad, she had always been wonderfully kind & good to us all – I am so glad you were able to see her before she died – I’m afraid my last letter to her will not have reached home yet – if you get it, destroy it, won’t you.

I hope Wilke’s Bn won’t come out; I don’t think it will, and I also hope Charlie’s Staff billet under Parsons in Ireland will keep him at home.

My poor Darling what a round of my relations you must have had, rather trying – Dear Gina was so pleased to see you and said you were looking so sweet, well & good looking – my Darling one what would I give for a glimpse of you!

Goodnight precious one. Mark up Betty for her dear little letter.

Yr devoted Hubby.

With envelope addressed to Mrs Dick Cunyngham, Mount View, Crownhill S.O., S. Devon. Signed Dick Cunyngham. Passed by Censor No 224 cachet. Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE 42 dated SP 29 14

Certificate of P. Lister 28 September 1917

Headed notepaper of
Under Government Control.
On Admiralty, War Office, and Crown Agents’ Lists.
The Parsons Motor Co., Ltd.,
Town Quay Works, SOUTHAMPTON.
28th September 1917.
Our Ref. PES/R.

To whom it may concern.
This is to certify that Lance Cpl P. Lister, Regt. No. 28407, R.E. who has been temporarily released to this Company for important War Work, has our permission to travel to-day the 28th inst., to 30th inst.
Signed P.E. Stamp.
Works Superintendent.