WAR DIARY of H.Q. 29th DIV ARTY. September 1917

H.Q. 29th Div Arty
September 1917

September 1917


Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information

On 1st September Brigadier General G.H.A. WHITE C.M.G., D.S.O., handed over command of the 29th D.A. to Brigadier General E.H. STEVENSON D.S.O., General WHITE going as C.R.A. to 30th Division on exchange with General STEVENSON.
On September 1st, 15th Brigade R.H.A. and 17th Brigade R.F.A. moved from their Wagon Lines to the PROVEN Area, marching on September 2nd to rest billets at POLINCOVE near AUDRICQ, where they were joined by H.Q. 29th D.A. on September 5th. 29th D.A.C. remained in the line assisting Left Artillery (XIVth Corps) in the supply of ammunition and material in the construction of forward positions in the Valley of the STEENBEEK. In addition to parties from the D.A.C., each Battery left behind an Officer with a party of men to push on the work on these forward positions as their early occupation for the support of a further advance was anticipated. On 10th September 13th Battery (17th Bde. R.F.A.) marched from rest to HERZEELE and on 11th September to the neighbourhood of ELVERDINGHE where it came under the orders of RIGHT ARTILLERY (XIVth Corps). On September 14th and 15th the remaining units of 15th Brigade R.H.A. and 17th Brigade R.F.A. marched back to their old Wagon Lines near ELVERDINGHE billeting at HERZEELE on the night 14th/15th September.
On the night 16th/17th September batteries went into action under the orders of LEFT ARTILLERY (XIVth Corps). H.Q., 29th D.A. returned to “J” Camp on September 16th.
At 6 p.m. on 21st September C.R.A. 29th Division took over command of LEFT ARTILLERY (XIVth Corps) from C.R.A. Guards Division, the relief of the Infantry of Guards Division by the Infantry of 29th Division being completed on the morning of September 22nd.
LEFT ARTILLERY at this time consisted of:-
Left Group Right Group
74th Brigade R.F.A.) 11th Army Bde. R.F.A.
75th Brigade R.F.A.) Guards D.A. 17th Brigade R.F.A.)
(13th Bty. Rejoined 17th Bde. on Sept. 22nd ) 15th Brigade R.H.A.) 29th D.A.
On September 22nd/23rd 74th and 75th Brigades R.F.A. withdrew from the line to rest in the back areas, LEFT ARTILLERY (XIVth Corps) then consisted of 11th Army Bde. R.F.A., 15th Bde. R.H.A. & 17th Bde. R.F.A. each of which dealt direct with 29th D.A.H.Q.
On September 26th artillery action was taken in support of an attack by troops on our right, the Infantry on our front taking no part.

Appendices as under are attached:-

Appendix I – Orders for the march of 15th Brigade R.H.A. and 17th Brigade R.F.A. to and from rest area at POLINCOVE.
Appendix II – Orders for artillery action on September 26th.
Appendix III – Various Orders and Instructions issued by 29th D.A. during September.
Appendix IV – Strength at beginning and end of month, giving casualties and drafts received.
Appendix V – Honours and Awards received.
Appendix VI – Location statements for September.

NOTE: – Special maps of this area were appended to War Diary for August.

Signature unreadable.
Captain R.A.
Brigade Major, 29th Divisional Artillery

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