List of amendments No. 1 to 4th D.A. Order No. 81 dated 6/8/17.

SECRET. 4th D.A./B/451/51

List of amendments No. 1 to 4th D.A. Order No. 81 dated 6/8/17.

1. Programme of Artillery Bombardment, page 2, Serial No. 7 – Objective for 17th Div. Arty. should be in column for 4.5” Hows. Instead of 18 pdrs.

C.C.S. **** Major
Brigade Major 4th Div. Artillery

Copies to all recipients of 4th D.A. Order No. 81.

4th Divisional Artillery. Order No. 81. 6 August 1917


4th Divisional Artillery.  Order No. 81.

Reference Trench Map corrected to 28/7/17.

23rd Bde. .R.F.A.
29th Bde. R.F.A.
32nd Bde. R.F.A.
17th Div. Arty.
4th Div G. )
12th Div. Arty. )
R.A. XVII Corps ) For information.
H.A. XVII Corps )


1. On august 8th a continuous bombardment of trenches is taking place on the front of the 12th Division and part of the 4th Division front.
Throughout the day vigorous counter-battery work will be carried out. At Zero hour strong patrols will be sent out to obtain identifications, and capture or kill any survivors from the bombardment.

2. The operation will be divided into 3 phases:-
PHASE I:-Bombardment of front system with 6” Hows, 4.5” Hows and Trench Mortars.
PHASE II:- Lifting and replacement of 6” Hows by lighter guns to enable our Infantry to reach their forming up positions.
PHASE III – Period during which our patrols will enter the enemy trenches under a creeping Barrage and will remain under a protective Barrage.
12th Inf. Brig will send patrols into DEVILS Trench 150 yards North and South of BIT Lane from Zero hour until Zero plus 45 mins.

3. Programme of artillery bombardment attached.

4. O.P’s will be engaged as follows:-
I.27.d.10.40 125 Bty 1 gun ½ round per min. 50% H.E. & Shrapnel
throughout the operation.
I.32.d.95.05. 127Bty 1 gun ) ½ round per gun per min.
)50% H.E. & Shrapnel throughout the operation to Zero hour.
O.3.a.20.72. 127 Bty 1gun ) At Zero hour these guns will join in the Barrage
but will pay particular attention to the O.P’s during the protective Barrage.
5. During PHASE III 1/3 18 pdrs. 23rd and 32nd Brigs will be so disposed that they can be taken out of the Barrage for counter-attacks or fleeting opportunities without leaving a gap.

6. 4 – 18 pdrs and 2 – 4.5” Hows per 23rd and 32nd Brigs will be selected to respond to NF, LL or Zone Calls. 10 rounds shrapnel per 18 pdr and 5 rounds per 4.5” How (with 106 Fuze) will be fired on all calls within range.
Dividing Line of responsibility for GF and Zone Calls:-
Field Artillery West of the Central Grid Line joining the centres of squares O.16, O.10., O.4. and thence the existing boundary (grid line dividing squares I.33. – I.34) Northwards.

7. Tasks have been made out for the full number of guns and Hows available, except where specially mentioned.
Brigade Commanders will make their own arrangements for resting guns and detachments without diminishing the fire.

8. Registration will be as inconspicuous as possible.

9. Liaison Officers will be detailed as follows from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. 8th August:-
(a) An Officer not below the rank of Major from 32nd Brig for 12th Inf. Brig H.Q.
(b) An Officer not below the rank of Captain from 23rd Brig will be at H.Q. Right Battalion 12th Inf. Brig.

10. All Batteries will return to their normal tasks at 9 p.m.

11. Watches will be synchronized to this H.Q. at 9 p.m. Aug. 7th. 9.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. August 8th.

12. Zero hour 7.45 p.m.

13. Acknowledge.

CCS**** Major
Brigade Major 4th Divisional Artillery


Sack wood.
18 prs ease fire 10” before Zero.

Serial No Time Brigade Objective Rates of Fire 6 August 1917

Serial No Time Brigade Objective Rates of Fire



17 D.A. 18 pounders 4.5” Hows.
18 pdrs) ½ rd per gun
4.5” Hows) per min.

18 pdrs – 50% Shrapnel and H.E.
6.15 p.m. 7.40 p.m. Continue as in Serial No. 2.

6 guns gradually take up fire from 4.5” Hows on DEVILS Trench from BIT Lane (exclusive) to I.32.a.15.05.

Search DEVILS and ANGEL Trenches I.32.a.05.20. to I.25.d.80.05. Continue as in Serial No. 2.
Gradually take up fire from 6” Hows on DEVILS Trench from I.32.d.05.05. to BIT Lane (inclusive).
8 7.40 p.m. 7.45 p.m. 23rd
32nd All natures of ordnance gradually work into their places for PHASE III.

17 D.A.
As per Barrage Map attached.
23rd Bde (Southern Zone) between blue lines.
29th (4 guns) between blue and yellow lines.
(Will commence at 7.47 p.m.)
32nd Bde between yellow line and Northern Boundary of Div. Zone.
As per Barrage Map attached.
Will search and sweep to cover areas shown in green.
18 pdr. 4.5” Hows
7.45-7.50 4 2)rds.
p.m. p.m. ) per
7.50-7.55 3 2) gun
7.55 – 8 2 1) per
8 – 9 1 ½ ) min.

18 pdrs will fire shrapnel.
7.45 p.m. 9 p.m.

Programme of Artillery Bombardment 6 August 1917

Programme of Artillery Bombardment for 8th August, 1917.

Serial No Time Brigade Objective Rate of fire
From To 18 pounders 4.5” Hows.
1 7 a.m. 8.15 am 23rd

32nd Register DEVILS Trench O.2.b.35.40. to I.32.d.05.05.
Register DEVILS Trench I.32.c.25.50. to I.32.a.2010.00.10. and ARROW Trench North of BIT Lane
2 8.15 a.m. 11 a.m. 23rd
32nd Stand by for opportunity targets. Bombard trenches as in Serial No. 1. 4.5” Hows. ½ round per gun per min.
3 11 a.m. 11.5 a.m. 23rd
29th (18 pdrs only) Rehearse first 4 mins of PHASE III. The last min will be fired on first Barrage. Rehearse first 5 mins of PHASE III.
4 11.5 a.m. 2 p.m. 23rd
32nd Continue tasks as in Serial No. 2.
5 2 p.m. 2.5 p.m. 23rd
Repeat Serial No. 3.
6 2.5 p.m. 6.15 p.m. 23rd
32nd Continue tasks as in Serial No. 2.

George Ryan’s letter home dated 6 July 1915 but 6 Aug.

George Ryan’s letter home dated 6 July 1915 but 6 Aug.
6 July [? August] 1915

Dear M & F,

Many thanks for your letter of July 8 & 15. You evidently caught the post with the latter one.
Surprised to hear R. Bates & H. Kingsnorth have not enlisted yet.
I should think L. Manley celebrated her coming of age by getting those glasses. I suppose she’s about 21 now, isn’t she.
I wrote to Cousin Ellen again 3 weeks ago & sent her a photograph.
Hope the girls had a nice week at Westley & enjoyed themselves. I have not heard from May but I will forgive her so long as I hear next week. I know what a bother it is to write much during holidays; although there isn’t such a lot to do down there.
Thanks for sending the cuttings from the W. Chron also the Sunday Pictorial. Yes I should like it each week but once a month you might send the latest copy of the Daily Chron instead, that generally has a bit of news in it. I suppose Dad still has it.
My eyes have been quite alright since we came to Dum-dum. The Prickly Heat got rather bad at Cossipore last week but I’ve felt very little of it since I’ve been back here.
We got that Messing Money last week; I don’t know what I shall do with mine yet. A lot of chaps have bought cameras & taken up photography. I might do the same later on. Now we’ve been paid up to date of course we shall draw it each week; we ought to get 6 Rupees instead of 5 & 7 the last week of the month. I think myself it would have been better to have had the money in our messing. The food could be improved a lot; we get the same old stuff every day, & the bread isn’t up to much.
One or two of the older soldiers didn’t draw any of the “big lot” of money. They’ve been paid Proficiency Pay ever since Mobilisation & the Army have just found out they didn’t ought to have had it, so its had to be stopped. I hope things are managed better at home than what they are out here. But if you can believe the newspapers they are not; as accounts say that Woolwich Arsenal is not turning out all it could do.
Wednesday, 4 Aug was spent as a Sunday. There was only Church Parade; it was a special Service.
I went to Barrackpore Tues afternoon to a Hockey Match. G. Salter is getting on alright there he likes it much better than Dum-dum. He told me to remember him to you. G. Cooper is in the Scouts now; he is at Darjeeling at present.
It’s rumoured that we are going to Peshawar, up on the N.W. Frontier next month. Some chaps say they have got it from a good quarter but I rather doubt if it’s right. Of course it would be the real thing up there. And then there’s still the old rumour about going to the Dardenelles but that’s very improbable.

Hoping you are all quite well.
Love to all from
Yr loving son

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 6 Aug 1914

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 6 Aug 1914

On headed notepaper of
The Dolphin Hotel.

My own Precious one,

Have just arrived 11 p.m. and am staying here – whole Town one was of officers & men.

I shall never forget your dear sweet bravery today, you gave me strength to bear up, and God I know will send his blessing on you both.

I hope my darling little Betty was a comfort to you this crossing – it was a sad journey here – but I had companions all the way – a nice young Devon Subaltern who thinks he will get to Jersey tonight to join his Regt.

I shall get my orders in the morning & shall I expect be very busy – things look in an awful muddle. Met ‘a Senior’ here tonight, he forgot my name. I can’t remember his at present! Bald headed gunner – shall meet many other pals I expect in the morning.

All my love & God keep you safe. I will write again tomorrow

Your own

With black edged envelope addressed to Mrs Dick Cunyngham, Mount View, Crownhill S.O., S. Devon. Postmarked Southampton 12.15 p.m. 6 AU 14.