4.5” Howitzers. Table “Y”. 21 July 1918

4.5” Howitzers. Table “Y”.

Barrage F. Barrage G. Special Guns Remarks
D/23 Bty. R.F.A. Zero to Zero plus 5
On GUN Trench
I.32.a.65.15. – I.32.a.45.35. Zero plus 5 to Zero plus 30 –
I.32.a.65.15. –
I.32.a.70.40. –
86th Bty. R.F.A. I.32.a.45.35. –
I.32.a.28.75. I.32.a.56.52. –
I.32.a.28.75. Zero to Zero plus 2 –
Enfilading Gun on M.G. Emplacement at I.32.a.16.25.
128th Bty. R.F.A. I.32.a.28.75. –
I.32.a.10.95. Same as Barrage F. Zero to Zero plus 30 –
1 gun on M.G. at I.26.c.20.30.
12th Div. Arty. (2 Hows.) Zero to Zero plus 30 –
1 Gun on GUN Trench at I.32.a.80.00.
1 Gun on Trench Element at I.32.c.55.82.

Rate of Fire: –
Zero to Zero plus 5………………3 rounds per How. Per min.
Zero plus 5 to Zero plus 10…… 2 -do- -do-
Zero plus 10 to Zero plus 25……1 -do- -do-
Zero plus 25 to Zero plus 30….. ½ -do- -do-

Ammunition. B.X.

18 pounders. TABLE X. 21 July 1918

18 pounders. TABLE X.

Barrage A. Barrage B Barrage C Barrage D Barrage E. Remarks
Zero to Zero plus 2 Zero to Zero plus 4 Zero plus 4 to Zero plus 30 Zero to Zero plus 30 Zero to Zero plus 5.
On line I.32.c.00.90. – I.31.b.70.65. (100x short of DEVIL’S Trench).
At Zero plus 2 Barrage A banks on Barrage B & conforms with it subsequently. On DEVIL’S Trench.
I.32.a.15.00. – I.31.b.90.90.
23rd Bde. R.F.A.
16 guns
15 8 Guns
I.32.c.00.90- I.31.b.90.15. 8 guns.
I.32.a.15.00. – I.32.a.00.30. )Creep forward )at the rate of )100x per min to )GUN Trench )where a )standing )barrage is )formed on )I.32.a.50.30. – )I.32.a.35.60.
24th Bty. R.F.A. 6 guns 2 Guns.
I.31.b.90.15. – I.31.b.85.25. 2 Guns.
I.32.a.00.30. – I.32.a.00.45. )
) – ditto –
)I.32.a.35.60. – )I.32.a.30.75. 2 Guns.
1 Gun on M.G. Emp. I.32.a.16.26.
1 Gun on Trench Element I.32.a.10.52.
At Zero plus 5 these guns jump to the line I.31.b.90.90.-I.32.a.25.80. and form a flanking barrage.

12th D.A.
18 guns. 4 guns
I.31.b.85.25. – I.31.b.80.50. 4 Guns. ! I.32.a.00.45. – I.31.b.95.68. )Form Standing )Barrage.
)I.32.a.00.45. – )I.31.b.95.68. 4 guns. on DEVIL’S Tr. I.32.c.20.70. – I.32.a.20.95.
4 guns on line I.32.a.20.95. – I.32.a.50.30.
2 guns on BIT Lane I.32.c.25.40. – I.32.a.65.15. ! 1 gun will be on the M.G. Empl at I.31.b.95.65.
134 Bty.
4 guns. 4 guns !! I.31.b.80.50. – I.31.b.70.70. Double Banks on 29th Brig at Zero plus 2 in Barrage B,. ) Form Standing )Barrage on )DEVIL’S Trench )I.31.b.95.68.
) !! 1 gun to be on M.G. Empl at I.31.b.80.70. & remain there throughout.
29th Bde.
4 guns. 4 guns. on
I.31.b.95.68. – I.31.b.90.90.

Rate of Fire:-
Zero to Zero plus 4………………………4 rounds per gun per min.
Zero plus 4 to Zero plus 8……………….3 – ditto –
Zero plus 8 to Zero plus 25……………..2 – ditto –
Zero plus 25 to Zero plus 30……………1 – ditto –
Zero plus 30 ……………..Cease Firing.

Shrapnel throughout.

RIGHT GROUP. Operation Order No. 1. 21 July 1918

Copy No. 8.
RIGHT GROUP.  Operation Order No. 1.
21st July, 1917.
Reference Map PLOUVAIN Sheet 1/10,000 revised to 3/7/17.

1. A raid will be carried out by the 1st Bn. Hampshire Regt. On the night of July 24th/25th.
Limits of raid I.32.a.15.05. – I.32.a.00.30. and the M.G. emplacement at I.32.a.16.25.
2. Reference hour will be 10.30 p.m.
3. Artillery Bombardment will be as per attached Tables X and Y.
4. O.C. 23rd Brigade R.F.A. will detail a liaison officer, not below the rank of Captain, for Battalion H.Q. during the operation.
5. Watches will be synchronised from this Office by Telephone at 7 p.m.
6. Zero in minutes plus or minus Reference hour will be communicated later.


Lt. for
Lt. Col. R.F.A.
Commanding RIGHT GROUP
Issued at ………..
Copies No 1 – 4 Right Group.
Copy “ 5 4th D.A.
Copy “ 6 11th Inf. Bde.
Copy “ 7 1st Bn. Hants. Rgt.
Copy “ 8 23rd Brig R.F.A.
Copy “ 9 29th Brig R.F.A.
Copy “ 10 12th Div. Arty.
Copy “ 11 4th Div. “G”.

Amendment No. 1 to RIGHT GROUP ORDER No. 1. 21 July 1918

Amendment No. 1 to RIGHT GROUP ORDER No. 1.

Correction Table X.

Column 2. For “12th Div. Arty. 18 guns” read “12th Div. Arty. 16 guns.”
Barrage D. Opposite 12th Div. Arty. lines 3 and 5.
(a) For “I.32.a.20.95.” read “I.32.c.20.95.”
(b) Strike out last 3 lines commencing, 2 guns on BIT LANE.

J.E. Lucket
2nd Lt. R.F.A. for
Lieut Colonel.
Commanding RIGHT GROUP.
Right Group.
4th Div. Arty.
11th Inf. Brigade.
1st Bn. Hants. Regt.
23rd. Brigade, R.F.A.
29th Brigade, R.F.A.
12th Div. Arty.
4th Div. “G”

Amendment No 2 to RIGHT GROUP ORDER No. 1.
dated 21/7/17.
Table X
Remarks Column.
Opposite 134th Battery add “at Zero plus 5.”
“The right gun of this Battery will jump to I.15.c.0.0.”
Opposite 29th Brigade insert “at Zero plus 5.”
“The right gun of this Battery will jump to I.31.b.95.95.”

J.E. Lucket
2ND Lt. R.F.A. for
Lieut Colonel.
Commanding RIGHT GROUP.
Right Group.
4th Div. Arty.
11th Inf. Brigade.
1st Btn. Hants. Regt.
23rd. Brigade, R.F.A.
29th Brigade, R.F.A.
12th Div. Arty.
4th Div. “G”
Amendment No 3 to RIGHT GROUP ORDER No. 1.
dated 21/7/17.
Correction Table X.
Opposite 23rd Brigade R.F.A..
Barrage A. For “I.32.c.00.90.” read “I.32.c.00.80.”
Barrage B. For “I.32.a.15.00.” read “I.32.c.20.90.”
Barrage C. For “I.32.a.50.30.” read “I.32.a.55.25.”
Opposite 12th D.A.
Barrage D. Erase and substitute –
4 guns on DEVILS Trench I.32.c.20.90. – I.32.c.20.60.
4 guns on line I.32.c.20.90. – I.32.a.55.25..

J.E. Lucket
2ND Lt. R.F.A. for
Lieut Colonel.
Commanding RIGHT GROUP.
Right Group.
4th Div. Arty.
12th Div. Arty.
11th Inf. Brigade.
1st Bt. Hants. Regt.
23rd. Brigade, R.F.A.
29th Brigade, R.F.A.
4th Div. “G”

23 A.A. Brigade 20 July 1918

Headquarters 23 A.A. Brigade stamp.

SECRET. Sa/40.

O.C. Battery.

(1) Reference RIGHT GROUP Operation Order No. 1 & my Sa/37, the raid will be postponed 24 hours on account of the feared loss of 3 prisoners last night.

(2) A DUMMY raid will however take place at 10.30 p.m. on the same portion of DEVILS TRENCH, the BARRAGES being those laid down in Sa/37 (with alterations according to Sa/39).

(3) Only the portion of the Bombardment from Zero to Zero +5 will be carried out & the guns detailed for BARRAGE A will be put down at Zero on BARRAGE B covering the whole Zone of BARRAGE B.

(4) RATE of FIRE.
18 pds……. 3 rounds per gun per minute.
4.5 Hows …2 “ “ “ “ “

(5) Watches will be set by phone at 8 p.m.


V.C. Ritchie, Lt. R.F.A.
ADJUTANT 23rd A. Bde. R.F.A.

Routine Orders by Lieutenant-General Sir A.J. Godley, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., 20 July 18

ROUTINE ORDERS by Lieutenant-General Sir A.J. GODLEY, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.,
Commanding XXII Corps.

20 July 1918.



1696. Military Medal.
Reference Corps Routine Order dated 2/6/18:-
For: – Royal Field Arty. No. 3167 Gnr. (A/L/Bdr) Murray, G.
-do- “ 135204 Sgt. Bands R.

Read: – Royal Field Arty. No 3167 Gnr (A/L/Bdr) Murray, T.
-do- “ 11804 Sgt. Hands R.

1697. RATIONS.
The following instructions have been receives from Fifth French Army:-
Large units, i.e. Divisions, transported in busses from one Army to another will invariably carry with them two days’ debussing rations. This measure is rendered necessary owing to the difficulty in rationing big units.

The instructions on A.B. 397 should be altered to read:-
“Duplicate Billeting Certificates, accompanied by Distribution Lists, to be forwarded to Central Requisition Office, British Army in the Field”.
Headlights on motor vehicles are forbidden north of the road MONTMIRAL –CHAMPAUHERT – HERGERES LES VERTUS.

D.A. & Q.M.G.
XXII Corps.
Bolted from vicinity of camp of H.Q. XXII Corps Mounted Troops, BROWN GELDING, No. 103, aged, 15.2, star, black points, branded (Z) on off hindquarters.
Information to O.C. XXII Corps Mounted Troops.

On the afternoon of 10th inst. at XXII Corps Race Meeting the property of Lieut. Brettal, 3rd Dragoon Guards:-
HOLT & Co. CHEQUE BOOK containing 2 cheques made payable to self but not backed, also a case containing photographs.
Information to A.P.M., 3rd Cavalry Division.


SECRET. Copy No. 18.

19th July, 1918.

1. (a). All tactical reports, messages etc., will be forwarded to HAUTEVILLERS (Advanced Corps Headquarters) from 12 midnight tonight (19th/20th July) onwards until further orders.
(b). Corps Headquarters (Rear) will close at VERTUS at 10 8 a.m. tomorrow July 20th and will reopen at AY at the same hour.

2. XXII Corps Mounted Troops (less troops attached to Divisions) will be assembled immediately West of AY by 8 a.m. tomorrow July 20th.

3. The following arrangements will be made for co-operation with the R.A.F.:-
The 82nd Squadron R.A.F. will send a Contact Patrol over the line at Zero Hour and afterwards at two hour intervals.
Troops will signal their location by waving their helmets.

4. (a). Divisions will establish a dropping ground at ST IMOGES marked XI.
Corps dropping station will be established at AY or HAUTVILLERS marked XII.

(b) Infantry Brigade Headquarters are allotted the following code letters for aeroplane co-operation:-

51st Division. 62nd Division.
152nd Infantry Brigade. – “A” 185th Inf. Bde. – “H”
153rd “ “ – “E” 186th “ “ – “K”
154th “ “ – “F” 187th “ “ – “L”
These letters (in white ground strips) will be displayed:-
(i). To indicate to passing Contact Planes, the position of Headquarters. The plane will acknowledge by sending “RD” on the Klaxon Horn.
(ii). In response to a plane sounding the respective Code Letter on the Klaxon Horn. Planes will sound the Code Letter when they require to locate a Brigade, or for the purpose of dropping messages.
(c). In the event of Brigades wishing to signal by means of the Popham Panel, above Call Letters in strips will be placed near the Panneau. All messages received from Panneau will be dropped by plane at Corps Headquarters, Addressed “To” and “From” are unnecessary.

5. Acknowledge by wire.

C.W. Gwynn
B.G., G.S.,
XXII Corps.
Issued at 6.30 p.m. to:-
Copy No 1 War Diary.
2. G.S. File
3. A.D.C
4 & 5 G.O.C., R.A.
6. “Q”
7. “A”
8. C.E.
9. A.D. Signals
10. D.D.M.S.
11. Ig.
12. A.P.M.
13. G.H.Q. South.
14. British Mission G.A.C.
15. 51st Division.
16. 62nd Division.
17 & 18. XXII Corps Mtd Troops.
18. 82nd Squadron R.A.F.
19. British Mission Fifth French Army.
20. B.G., H.A., XXII Corps.
21. A.D.O.S.
22, 23 & 24 S.M.T.O.


Copy No ….2

19th July, 1918.

1. Reference XXII Corps Operation Order No. 6, para. 4, of to-days date.

ZERO Hour will be 8 AM 20th July.


Major G.S.
B.G., G. S.,
XXII Corps
Issued at 10.40 pm
Copy to all recipients C.O.O., No. 6.


SECRET. Copy No. 13


19July, 1918

1. In accordance with orders received from Fifth French Army (a copy of which has been given to Divisions concerned), the XXII Corps will attack to-morrow (20th July) on both banks of the River ADRE.

2. The attached map shows assembly position, objectives and Corps and Divisional boundaries.

3. The 62nd Division will be on the right and the 51st Division will be on the left. The River ADRE will form the dividing line between Divisions.

4. The attack will start at Zero hour, which will be notified later communicated separately

5. The attack will be covered by a creeping barrage provided by the artillery now in the line.
The Divisional Artilleries of the 51st and 62nd Divisions will support the attack beyond the limits of range of the artillery finding the barrage.

6. The rate of barrage will be 100 metres in 4 minutes. It will halt for 20 minutes 150 metres in front of the line marked in GREEN on the attached map.

7. The Corps Mounted Troops will be in Corps Reserve and each Division will hold one Battalion in reserve which will not be used without reference to Corps H.Q.

8. A joint Divisional Headquarters will be established at ST IMOGES.

9. Advanced Corps Headquarters will be established at HAUTVILLERS from 12 midnight to-night 19th July.

10. ACKNOWLEDGE by wire.
C.W. Gwynn
B.G., G.S.
XXII Corps
Issued at 3 p.m. to:-
Copy No 1 War Diary 7 C.E. 13 82nd Squad R.A.F.
2 G.S. File 8 G.H.Q. (South) 14 Brit Mission 5th Fr Army
3 A.D.C. 9 Brit Mission G.A.C. 15 A.D. Sigs
4 G.O.C., R.A. 10 51st Division 16 D.D.M.S.
5 ‘Q’ 11 62nd Division 17Ig.
6 ‘A’ 12 XXII Corps Mtd Tps. 18 A.P.M.