XV Corps Artillery Instruction 21 June 1916

XV Corps Artillery Instruction 21 June 1916

15 CA 10/23/1
Copy No 7

With reference to instructions for a preliminary bombardment by the XV CORPS 15/CA 10/23 dated 12-6-16; the following amendments will be made:-
Delete Paragraph 1 and substitute:-
1. The preliminary bombardment will be carried out on U, V, W, X and Y days. Wire will be cut on all 5 days.
On V day all heavy guns and howitzers will register all day.
On W, X, and Y days and during the nights U/V to Y/Z inclusive a continuous bombardment will be carried out.
On W, X, and Y days there will be one concentrated bombardment. During the last 5 or 10 minutes of these concentrated bombardments smoke will be discharged.
Gas will be discharged on the first night that the wind is favourable.
240 mm Trench Mortars may be used as required from W day onwards.
2” Trench Mortars for wire-cutting on U and V days and as required afterwards.
60 prs for wire-cutting and registration on V day and as required afterwards. 3” Stokes Mortars as required on W day and onwards.

2. Paragraph 6 delete –
lines 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and substitute –
Bombardment W and Y days – Tracing B.
“ X day – “ A.
Concentrated bombardments W and Y days – Tracing C.
“ X day – “ D.

3. Paragraph 9 – Attached new Appendix II to be substituted for Appendix II in line 3.

4. Add following new paragraphs (11& 12):-

11. On V day all heavy howitzers and guns will register the zones they are to fire on very thoroughly.
All guns of batteries should register in each zone.
As a rule registration should not be considered complete until a direct hit has been made on the target engaged.
The Divisional Artilleries can register as they require.
12. As there are only 3 days preliminary bombardment and 3 concentrated bombardments, the amount of ammunition can be increased on W, X and Y days, but care must still be exercised not to exceed the limit of work that can reasonably be expected from detachments.

J.M.R. Harrison Major
for Brigadier General R.A., XV Corps

Copy No 1 to XV Corps
“ 2 to XV Corps H.A.
“ 3 to 7th Division.
“ 4 to 7th Divisional Artillery.
“ 5 to 17th Division.
“ 6 to 21st Division
“ 7 to 21st Divisional Artillery.
“ 8 to Fourth Army.
“ 9 to War Diary.
“ 10 to File
“ 11 to 14 Spare.

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