War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 1 June 1919

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 1 June 1919


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Sunday June 1 1919
D/76th R.F.A.
British Army of the Rhine.

I arrived back from leave yesterday at Cologne, and now I am living in the schloss. We move on Tuesday to another place, and then on the 14th go to practice camp on the other side of the Rhine.

I had a pleasant journey, but not so rapid as the forward one. I did not leave by the early morning train after all, as the R.T.O. told me they were running a special train and boat in the afternoon for staff and senior officers, who were returning en masse in case the Boche do not sign the Peace Treaty. I was glad of the extra few hours to do some shopping.

My ankle is much better and wearing a boot has not done it any harm.

Last week I escaped several General’s inspections. Leave has apparently been curtailed in case of trouble in Germany, so I was fortunate.

Everything here is as usual. There is a great change in the country side though. The trees and crops are much more advanced than in England.

I had pleasant company on my way. Another major was with me and a French Cavalry Major travelled up in the train with us. He seemed to be an excellent fellow, and was most interesting man. is afternoon.