Signal from 36 Division 22 March 1918

“A” Form



To.       LBA 21st Bde                        61

VWA 90th Bde            36 Divisions 18th Corps


Senders Number                     Day of Month             In reply to Number     AAA

  1. 330 22


Watch your right flank carefully and if any danger of being cut off retire on HAM through 20th division AAA Do not get involved in their fighting in any way once you leave BATTLE ZONE it is for you to get back to HAM as quickly and intact as possible AAA Adsd LBA repd VWA to conform with LBA AAA Repd 61 36 divisions and 18th Corps


Copy to 20th Div.


From: 30th Division


Time: 3.15 p.m.

  1. de CHAIR Major G.S.

Signature of Addressee

22 March 1918