Strength of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade December 1918

Strength of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade December 1918


APPENDIX                                         WAR DIARY                     DECEMBER 1918








Cause                                                        Officers                                    Other Ranks



(Mjr. LV COSGRAVE DSO                              2                                            3

to 1st. Bde CFA.)

(Capt. A.V. MEIKLE to CARD)                                                                                      1 to Eng with a view to leave to CANADA


Hospital over 7 days                                                                                         24


Total                              2                                             28







(Capt. A.V. MEIKLE)

(Capt. C.A. GORDON)                                         2                                            2

Reinforcements                                                                                                 63 CCRC



Total                                                               2                                            87




Officers                                            O. R.s


EFFECTIVE STRENGTH December 1st       35                                         781


Decrease                                                               2                                        28

Total                                                                   33                                        753

——-                           —————-

Reinforcements                                                 2                                        753


EFFECTIVE STRENGTH DECEMBER 31st 35                                       840

Awards for 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade December 1918

Awards for 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade December 1918







No               Rank.            Name                      Unit                                                         Action for which recommended




Lieut.     C.D. CROWE (MC)          31st. Battery CFA              On September 27th 1918 this officer was bringing in his guns into position East of INCHY.  As they approached Inchy they came under a heavy enemy barrage and disabled two gun teams.  This officer displayed exceptional coolness and good judgement in clearing the road and guiding through the teams which were uninjured.  He remained with the horses and took all the guns in position in time to open the barrage.  Throughout the entire time he was under exceptionally heavy shell fire.




No               Rank.           Name                   Unit                                                          Action for which recommended


Lieut.     C.A. SMITH             33rd. Battery CFA                   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.  During Operations near INCHY on September 27th. 1918, the Battery came under very heavy shell fire, several men being wounded.  Lieut Smith went backwards and forwards through the shelled area looking after the wounded and assisted in laying out the lines of fire.





No               Rank.            Name                      Unit                                                          Action for which recommended




Lieut.      J.R. O’GRADY           36th Battery CFA                             On the night of October 7th. 1918 just as the Battery had moved into action they were heavily shelled.  All the other Officers and 30 men became casualties.  Lieut. O’Grady took charge, helped to clear the teams and had the wounded removed to shelter.  He then took charge of removing the guns from the position and succeeded in saving all Howitzers except one.  During this time the ammunition was burning and exploding all around the position.


Lieut.  A. LIVINGSTONE      36th Battery CFA                       On the night of September 27th/28th, near BOURLON.  While taking up ammunition the teams were heavily shelled.  The horses became frantic with fright.  Lieut Livingstone steadied the Drivers and horses and after attending to the wounded returned to the ammunition dump and delivered the supply to the guns, all the time the shells were falling thick around.


Capt.      J.H. MacLAREN       31st Battery CFA                        On October 8th, near HEM-LENGLET the enemy put on a destructive shoot and set fire to ammunition beside two guns.  This Officer rushed to the ammunition and helped in extinguishing the fire.  He afterwards assisted to get the wounded to the dressing station.




No           Rank           Name                   Unit                                                                  Action for which recommended






91036       Sgt.  W.R. LAWS MM     36th Battery CFA                             For gallantry and devotion to duty.

On the night of October 7th at ST. OLLE just after the Battery had moved into position they were subjected to a heavy concentrated shoot which caused about 30 casualties to personnel.  Sgt. Laws managed to get the remaining teams and personnel away from the place of danger, and assisted in dressing the wounded.  Later he helped to remove the guns, all the time under very heavy fire.



301108     Cpl.   A. MORRISON    36th Battery CFA                                 On the night of September 27th/28th. 1918 near BOURLON, the column when return from the gun position was caught in an area shoot, several horses and men becoming casualties.  Corpl. Morrison by his coolness and disregard of the shelling rearranged the shattered teams and prevented a stampede.  The night previous, this N.C.O. had his horse killed under him, and although badly bruised from his fall remained on duty.


Awards to 9 Canadian Artillery Brigade December 1918

Awards to 9 Canadian Artillery Brigade December 1918








Lieut.               C.D. CROWE MC                31st. BATTERY CFA.




Lieut.              C.A. SMITH                              33rd BATTERY C.F.A.

Lieut.             J.R. O’GRADY                           36th. BATTERY C.F.A.

Lieut.             A. LIVINGSTONE                     36th. BATTERY C.F.A.

Capt.               J.H. MacLAREN                         31st. BATTERY CFA.






91036         Sgt.  W.R. LAWES MM                  36th Battery CFA

301108       Cpl.  A.     MORRISON                    36th. Battery CFA

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 1 Jan 1919

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 1 Jan 1919


On Government embossed notepaper

  1. M. Prison,

Pentonville, N. 7.

Jany 1st 1919


Dear Sir,


My wife joins me in Greetings for the New Year.


We desire to thank God for the many answers to Prayers on behalf of my soldier brothers. We had a visit from William on leave from Nottingham, and had the great joy of welcoming Sam home from Germany, the latter on 2 mns furlough is in Belfast.


Thanking you for continued Intercession

Believe me

Yours very sincerely

Thos Smith C.A.


49, Dumbreck Rd,

Eltham Park S.E. 9.

Motor Permit 1 January 1919

Motor Permit 1 January 1919


G.P.19234 A


The undersigned…Miss Dillon L.



Being employed on Active Service, is hereby authorised by the Secretary of State for War to drive a motor car, lorry or bicycle, when on Government duty.


  1. Maude

Secretary of the War Office


Signature of Holder



Available from 1-1-19 to 31-1-19


On reverse


A.B. Pitt Capt.

  1. i/c Transport Section.

For O.C. Transport & Workshop Coy.


War Diary of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Dec 1918



From December 1st 1918 – To December 31st 1918


NIMY     1.12.18    0930 hours, a Brigade Church Parade was held in the Town Hall of NIMY.  Capt. Watts officiated.

0930 hours R.C. Church Parade was held in NIMY Parish Church.


2.12.18   At 1200 hours the 9th Brigade was reviewed by the G.O.C. Division, marching past in Column of Batteries, in       the following order:- 31st., 33rd.,45th., and 36th Batteries.


3.12.18  At 1000 hours an Educational Meeting was held at 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. Lt. Knight 31st Battery represented 9th Brigade.  1500 hours a Sports meeting was held at C.D.A. H.Q. Lt. McKay attended.  Lieut. Alexander 36th Battery returned from U.K. leave.


4.12.18    Major L.V.M. COSGRAVE, DSO and Capt. A.L. Anderson MC, proceeded to BRUSSELS.  Capt. M.H. Scott 33rd. Battery took command of 45th. Battery vice Capt. J.H. MacLaren who returned to 31st Battery.


5.12.18    Orders were received from 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. to be prepared to march from NIMY on December 7th to HOUDENG-AIMERIES Area.  31st. Battery gave a dance for the men 2000 hours in the Dance Hall NIMY.


6.12.18    Major L.V. Cosgrave DSO and Capt. A.L. Anderson MC returned from BRUSSELS.  Divisional Dance at BRUSSELS cancelled. Move to HOUDENG-AIMERIES also cancelled.


7.12.18    A quiet day.  Batteries carried on with harness cleaning etc.


8.12.18    Church Parade at 0930 hours in Town hall NIMY; Capt. Watts officiated.  R.C. parade in NIMY parish Church 0930 hours.


9.12.18    0900 hours to 1100 hours Educational Classes were held in NIMY: 253 O.R.s attended and the scheme got off to a good start.  1400 hours to 1600 hours the opening game of the Brigade Football League was played at NIMY.  31st. Battery defeated 33rd. Battery by a score of 4 – 0.  C.O. and 13 Officers from Brigade attended 3rd. Canadian Division Dance at BRUSSELS where an exceedingly pleasant evening was had by all. Major Ryerson represented C.R.A. at 3rd. Cdn. Div. Warrant Officers and Sergeants Dance in Hotel de Ville MONS.  Lieuts. O’Grady, Livingstone and Smith awarded the MC and Lieut. C.D. Crowe awarded a Bar to the MC.


10.12.18    At 0930 hours orders were received from 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. that Brigade would march to the HOUDENG-AIMIERES Area on the 11th inst.  1100 hours Major Durkee, 38th Battery, reported to Brigade and took over duties of O.C.  12000 hours Major L.V.M. Cosgrave DSO proceeded to 1st. Brigade C.F.A. to take over duties of C.O.



  • 1000 hours Brigade marched to HOUDENG-AIMERIES arriving at 1400 hours. Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 45th. Battery, 36th Battery, 31st. Battery, 33rd. Battery.


SENEFFE 12.12.18 0930 hours Brigade marched to SENEFFE, arriving at 1200 hours.  Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde H.Q., 36th Battery, 31st Battery, 33rd, Battery, 45th Battery.  Lieut. H. Pryde Bde. H.Q. returned from U.K.    leave.


  • Brigade remained in SENEFFE throughout the day and night of 13th/14th.


  • Major Gordon reported to 36th. Battery from 43rd. Battery, 8th. A.F.A. Brigade, and took over duties of O.C.

GENAPPE.             At 0900 hours Brigade marched from SENEFFE to GENAPPE, arriving at 1400 hours.  At NIVELLES Brigade was inspected by G.O.C.  Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 31st, 33rd, 45th, 36th Batteries.


LIMAL 15.12.18        At 0915 hours Brigade marched from GENAPE to LIMAL arriving at 1200 hours, Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 33rd., 45th., 36th., 31st. Batteries.  Brigade was inspected by C.R.A. at BOUSVAL.  31st. 33rd. and 36th. Batteries billeted in LIMAL.  45th Battery billeted in PROFONSART.


  • Batteries busy rearranging billets, changing horse lines and settling down. 1400 hours a meeting of the Brigade Sports Committee was held at Bde H.Q., and a schedule of sports was drawn up
  • The Educational programme was resumed in the Ecole Communale at 0900 hours. 200 O.R.s attended the classes.  The classes will be carried out on daily, excluding Sundays, from 0900 hours to 1100 hours.


  • To-days’ football game between 36th. and 45th. Batteries postponed on account of unfavourable weather and ground conditions. Major Durkee attended conference at Division.


LIMAL19.12.18         36th. Battery defeated 45th. Battery in a football game 3 – 0.  Lieuts. Neville and Pepler attached to 3rd C.D.A.C.  Lieut. Kingston proceeded to BRUSSELS.  Lieut. Jones proceeded on U.K. Special Leave.


  • O’Grady, Manning, Mason and Case attended Fete at BRUSSELS. Lieuts. Gall, Clark and Devine returned from Cdn. Corps Artillery School, HABARCQ.  Lieut Kingston returned from Brussels.  31st. Battery defeated Bde H.Q. at football by 12 – 2.


  • 45th. Battery defeated 33rd. Battery at football by 2 – 1. M Beaugrand, French Interpreter proceeded to CALAIS.


  • Church Parade held at 0945 hours in Y.M.C.A. recreation room. Watts officiated.  R.C. parade was held at 1000 hours in LIMAL Parish Church.
  • A meeting of Divisional Sports Committee was held at 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. at 1400 hours to discuss arrangements for the IVth Corps Sports. It was decided to take part in the majority of events.


  • R.A. inspected the 9th. Brigade Batteries in the morning. 36th Battery defeated Bde. H.Q. in a football match by 11 – 4.


  • 33rd. Battery held a dance at 1900 hours. Christmas Dinner was held by all the Batteries. Turkeys and supplies being supplied through Y.M.C.A.


  • In a Football match in the afternoon 31st. Battery defeated 45th. Battery 5 – 1.


  • Quiet Day.


  • Lieut-Col. F.T. COGHLAN returned to Brigade from Canadian Corps Artillery School, HABARQ.




  • Brigade moved from LIMAL to HOEYLEART, arriving there at 1200 hours, and Brigade marched in the following order: Bde. H.Q., 45th, 36th, 31st, 33rd. Batteries. Lieut-Col Coghlan proceeded to Cologne.


VLESENBEEK 30.12.18       Brigade resumed its march to the entraining area and reached VLESENBEEK at 1500 hours.  Batteries marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q. 31st. Battery, 33rd. Battery, 45th. Battery, 36th Battery.  Orders were received that Brigade would resume its march on the 31st, but later this order was cancelled.


31.12.18     In accordance with orders received, Brigade remained in this Area, and will continue the march to the entraining area on 1st. January 1919.




A/OC 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade.