Alf Smith card from Canterbury 6 December 1918




To J. Smith, 100 Arcadian Gdns, Wood Green, London N22 England.

Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE M 9 7 DE 18.

Prisoner of War Reception Camp at No 1 Camp Canterbury.

I have been released and expect to be home shortly.

I am quite well


Signature only. A. Smith

Date Dec 6th 18

Alf Smith postcard home 6 December 1918





DEC 6TH 18


Dear Father


Just a few lines to let you know I am getting home by degrees I am now at Boulogne expect to cross the Channel to-morrow.  No doubt we shall have to spend a few days at a base or debot (depot) before being sent home but I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon now.

Glad to say I am A.1. & hope you are all in the best of health.

Please excuse more news.

With much love

From your





Addressee Mr. T Smith, 100 Arcadian Gardens, Wood Green, London N.22 England.


Passed by Censor No 1061. on envelope

9th. Canadian Artillery Brigade 6 December 1918

9th. Canadian Artillery Brigade



December 6th 1918



All Batteries



9th Brigade CFA will march on 7th inst from present billets to Area HOUDENG-AMERIES


Starting point will be starting of road and canal One mile N.W. of N in NIMY (VALENCIENNES Sheet), and Brigade will march via CASTEAU-THIEUSIES to new area.


Batteries will march in the following order, and head of column will pass starting point at 1000 hours ;-


Brigade H.Q.

45th Battery CFA

36th Battery CFA

31st Battery CFA

33rd Battery CFA


Your attention is called to “Notes taken at 3rd. Cdn. Div. H.Q. December 6th”.  Kit and equipment will be carried as laid down in that memo.


Distances and points in march discipline as laid down in Fourth Army No G.S. 128, sent you today are to be strictly observed.


In passing any guards which may turn out, Officers only will salute, no “Eyes Right” or ”Eyes Left” being given.


Two Gunners may ride on limbers and wagon body respectively and a breaks man on G.S. wagons.


B.C.s will carefully inspect their batteries before moving off to see that equipment is properly carried.