Telegram on German header dated 21 Nov 1918

Telegram on German header dated 21 Nov 1918


Telegrahpie des Deutschen Reichs.


Rusgenommen den 21/11 1918


Telegram aus Berlin 8

Sheet I

First part illegible

I im Frankfurt ** British Government ** requires the prisoners to remain quietly and orderly in *** until the arrangements which are being made by German


Sheet II missing.


Sheet III authorities in conjunction with Netherland and Danish governments for their repatriation are concluded stop Preparations for officers and orderlies departure from the various camps are being accelerated as much as possible and the will be greatly …


Subsequent sheet/sheets missing.

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 21 Nov 1918

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 21 Nov 1918


36 Finchley Park,

  1. Finchley

N 12



My Dear Vicar

No doubt you will be surprised at hearing from me after a long time, as it is just on 2 years since I left the Parade. I am writing to say that I shall be sending you 10/- some time during next month, towards the War Memorial, I should like to give this, to the Memory of  Brigade Lads of my late company who have made the Great Sacrifice.


It was with much thanksgiving that I attended the Service on the 11th in the evening, and also the services last Sunday.  I feel that I have had many and great Blessings during this war, the greatest of all that I have not been called to the horrors of the Battlefield, but have been allowed to remain at home.


I have been graded 4 times, and have been waiting for my call up, which I have not had, I am in a low category.


I have always trusted to God and I take it, that it is His will for me to remain at home. I have been married since I left the Parade, am attending Christ Church now, excepting some Sunday evenings when we go to St. Lukes.


Trusting Mrs. Payne and yourself are keeping well.

I remain

Yours sincerely

Arthur C. Andrews.