Letter to Father 29 September 1918


My dear dad,


I was agreeably surprised to get another letter from you yesterday after receiving one so shortly before. Many thanks for them both.  I am glad you found the Bridgenorth crowd in good form & enjoyed yourself while you were down there.  It must be a beast of a journey, & it was lucky you didn’t get cornered down there by the strikes.  I have no doubt you feel more satisfied in your own mind now you have been & seen their pitch for yourself.  Win I am sure is enjoying herself thoroughly now she has got used to it.


Many thanks too for your very interesting letter you call a long “business yarn”. It was a pretty disgraceful show that strike.  Not a word about it has appeared in the French papers or the Continental edition of the Daily Mail & very wisely too.  That sort of thing isn’t calculated to help us much with our allies.  The Morning Post is very gloomy about it all & calls it merely the end of the beginning.  Everything is pointing to a thundering row after the war.  The grand finale of the latter looks as though it has opened.  Things are pretty rosy aren’t they.


I hope you managed to get away to Scotland without any upset of arrangements, & that you found the grouse recovered from their dusting in August.


I am going away for 4 days tomorrow to the Army School.  It will be a bit of a change for me.  I know one or two fellows down there too.  I shall be back on Friday.


I hope you are keeping fit dad.


I am in the pink & my morale is high as I manage to buy 2 oz of baccy the other day!


With very best love

Your loving son