Report on Operations 17 September 1918


In support of 4th C.C.M.Rs


OBJECT         To establish posts on the West side of the Canal on our Brigade Frontage.


Our barrage opened up at 12.20 a.m. and was reported by the Infantry to have been most satisfactory in keeping down M.G. fire from each side of Canal bank.  Infantry advanced meeting with very little opposition and succeeded in establishing posts according to plan.


When our barrage opened up enemy retaliated about 400 or 500 yards West of the Canal his fire was fairly heavy and scattered along this general line 77 and 10.5 being principally used.  Time between the opening of our barrage and the commencement of the enemy’s barrage 4 minutes.  It took the enemy nearly 15 minutes before his barrage became heaviest.


Infantry casualties 2 killed and 2 wounded.


Initialled. Unreadable


for Major

A/O.C.9th Canadian Artillery Brigade