Letter to 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade 13 September 1918


September 13th 1918

TO/ Major Cosgrave,

Cmdg. 9th Brigade C.F.A.



Dear Cosgrave,

The barrage was excellent.  During the intense period it kept the Hun’s Machine Guns absolutely down.  He opened up as soon as the intense firing stopped.


We were able to establish posts along the bank but did not succeed in kicking a pocket of Huns out of the Kiln as further operations would have prevented the relief, which was in progress, before daylight.


Many thanks for your cordial assistance.


Signature unreadable

Lieut Colonel

Cmdg 42nd Canadian Battn. R.H.C.

Pass for Miss Dillon 13 September 1918

Has permission to travel by boat & train


If a General Mobilisation is ordered every soldier on pass must return immediately to his unit without waiting for instructions


No.           Transport & Workshop Coy

Regiment. M.T. ASC


PASS                  Women’s Legion

No.     –   (Rank)………….. (Name)… Miss L. Dillon

Has permission to be absent from his quarters, from after duty Tuesday Sep 17th 1918           to 9 AM Friday Sept 27th 1918 for the purpose of proceeding to Dalkeny Co Dublin.


(Station) Grove Park

(Date) 13-9-18

J.B. Lidstone

2nd Lieut A/Adjt

for OC Transport & Workshop Coy

No 1 Res M.T. Depot, GrovePark