Letter to Mrs Springett 1918

Royal Hotel




Dear Mrs. Springett,

At last a few more lines which I hope will find you all keeping well. I was very pleased to receive the nice letter which Alice wrote.  I wonder if she has heard of another place yet.  I kept my eyes open down here but nothing doing.  The shop assistant places are so quickly caught after by the Local girls.

I am glad Edie likes her present home it is very nice her being so near you all isn’t it?

Pleased to say I am still getting on fine here.  It is simply lovely by the sea now we have some jolly times bathing etc. We are packed out every room here in Hotel with holiday people & the town is full of visitors likewise Broadstairs & Margate.  One would hardly think there is a war on.  It seems as if people meant to have a good time this year in spite of everything.  I suppose they have waited long enough for the war to end with no result.

I wonder if you have heard from poor old Frank yet.  I had such a turn the other week when I saw his photograph & the nice account of him in the Ashford paper.  It brought poor ole Walter all back again & Frank looked so like him.  Fancy it is nearly two years since Walter was taken.  How time flies.  His memory is as green to me as ever.  He was one of the best in every way to me & I shall never forget him.  This is a wicked war & fancy it has been going on now for over 4 years.  When is the end really coming.

My two soldier brothers are getting on alright Tom went home this holiday for 4 days also my sister & her hubby were home for over a week.  I am so glad because it must have cheered dear old mum & dad up a bit to have them.  I wish I could have ran home while they were there but nothing doing as we were so busy.

I have got a weeks holiday to come as soon as the rush is over.  So then I must go round visiting it seems sometime I am down here right away from everybody but we have to drift away don’t we to earn a ”crust”.

I hope Mr. S & Ted & Sid are well.  You see them otherwhile I suppose.  How you must look forward to see them for a few hours.

What lovely weather we have been having but there is a change today.  Here it has been raining fast.  You will soon be looking forward to ‘hoppicking’ won’t you but I hear the hops look awful this year worse luck.

Now dear Mrs S I must ring off cheerio & look for the best.

With lots of love to you all

From Mary

I suppose Winnie has grown a fine girl now. Shall be very pleased to hear from you again anytime.


Cover to Mrs. Springett, “Tabors Cottages”, Horsmonden, Kent.

Postmarked Ramsgate but rest unreadable.