Letter to Father 25 August 1918


My dear dad,


I hope you have had a most successful week up north. If you have been having the same sort of weather we have had here it must have been delightful on the moors.  Many a time have I wished I could be with you.  Still it looks very much as though I shall be there next year if things go on as they are at present.  The old Boche has got to take a lot in the ribs yet.  The coup de grace has yet to come, though we seem to be able to do pretty much what we like with him at present.


I have absolutely no news to tell you from here. Things are going smoothly, but are dull on the whole.


The air is alive with rumours, the latest being that leave is extended to 20 days. There is nothing official about it, but things like that get round pretty quickly & there may be something in it.  it would be futile to say I hope it is so.  I had an amusing letter from Mr. Sayers the other day.


Did you have the saloon to bring you back? I wonder you haven’t borrowed it before.  I bet Mr. Preston thought it was A1, & of course it is the only way to do it really.  It saves all the bother of sweating after baggage – your job I gather as a rule.


Well old man I am sorry I have nothing to tell you.

Hope you are fit & well.

With very best love

Your loving son



F Hammond letter 25 August 1918



Dear F & M

Sorry I am rather late in writing to you but we have been rather busy just lately.  Glad to say I am having a cushy time now.  The weather is tres Bien just the sort of weather for a holiday.  Had a letter from Gladys she seems to be having a nice time.  Suppose she will be back again with you by this.  Tell her the rose bud had a prominent place in the office but I would sooner have seen it on her best blouse.  I was engaged on a tin of Bully Beef the other day when I was told an officer wished to see me.  I thought it might be Jack but was rather surprised to see Jim Hopkinson in all his war paint he looked very well and wished to be remembered to you all.  Finally I saw him speed away on a motorcycle.  The war news is very extra it makes one think the war will soon be over.  Still we have a long journey yet unless the people of Germany have a revolution still we are on the way and in any case it won’t last much above a twelve month.  How are you all keeping it’s about time you took your holidays.  I’m thinking where has Geo got to.  It’s some time since I troubled you to send me any Bradbury’s but would very much like a couple just now.

Cheerho Ma cheries Gussie