Private Diary of J.K. Dick Cunyngham Br Gen 6 June 1918

Private Diary of J.K. Dick Cunyngham Br Gen


Mainz Blankenburg Mark



Thursday June 6.  Air raid warning at 9 a.m. hooters sounding all along river, smoke shells fired over town.  4 police of bicycles dashed up there.  Not a soul seen in streets – men issuing parcels left work & ran away.  Appears there was some bombing further North.  Birch said he saw planes (5).  Walk No 2 Blk put off in consequence.

Self & Drummond received Bread parcels. Loaves quite black & mouldy all through but have saved sufficient out of my 2 loaves to make a pudding for tonight.  D says it will steam & bake and come out all right.  35 orderlies left at noon.  New orderly is an Irishman ‘Harris’ R.M. Fus.  Wonder how he will turn out; when he reported he had just arrived after an all-night journey in the train.  D managed to persuade canteen to get us a new stove at once and it actually appeared at 3.45 p.m. with men to fit it up.  Result we had an excellent hot supper in the sitting room where the stove is, & have managed to save some “Semolina” porridge & fruit for breakfast.  The Black bread after steaming & baking in oven has been devoured!  Hope with no evil results.  Harris appears to be thorough & genteel & very Irish.  Usual Shorthand class at 4 p.m. & general meeting at 5 p.m.  Nothing of importance to enact.

Telegram from Rotterdam says we can draw emergency parcels from there provided we send list of officers, so D & Birch have been busy making out the list of 600 officers.

Short walk after supper. A warmer day, wind more West.


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