F. Hammond letter 15 May 1918


On Active Service






YMCA Headed notepaper






Dear F&M


                        Just a line or two to let you know I am still gogging along A1 at present.  The weather is really great and the countryside is at its best.  Some of the boys have commenced swimming but the water is a bit too deep for your humble.  There is very little to report beyond that I am having plenty of diversion and could do with a couple of pounds as my expenses have been rather heavy just lately and I had the good fortune to get a pass for the day and do a little shopping in a decent sized place.  Had a letter from Will the other day see he’s seen another pal off to his matrimonial bliss.  How is the allotment going on suppose some of the vegetation is already showing signs of life.  The gardens and fields round here are very well advanced.  Does Par managed to take a rest in the Tool House occasionally I wouldn’t mind looking after the tools but I am afraid I should wander on the Bowling Green behind.  Suppose a few of the old sports are still as enthusiastic as ever.  How is Gladys getting along with her studies hope she finds time for a little recreation it’s simply ideal weather for tennis and sport generally.  We even boast a cricket team & have a decent team but we don’t get the same chance to practice as some less mobile units do.  Still we get the sport out of the game and that’s the main thing.  Well I think I’ve said all this journey.  Hoping you are all well.  Have you heard from Jack lately it’s some time since I got a word from him.










Spr F Hammond


RE 62210