Signals document W.C. Green 13 May 1918.

Signals document W.C. Green 13 May 1918.



B.M. 374


1st E. YORK. R. – 5 Copies

9th K.O.Y.L.I –       5      “

15th Durh L.I. –      5      “

64TH T.M. Bty –     2     “


The following light signals between Infantry & Artillery will be taken into use at 12 noon on 16th May, by Division on left all troops in this Corps:-


(a) S.O.S.                    Rocket, or light, bursting into three white stars.


(b) Gas Attack                        Bouquet of white, green, and red lights.


(c) “We wish to           1 red light.

advance, lengthen range.”


(d) “We are here”        1 white light.

(indicating position of infantry.)


(e) “Our Field Artillery           Worm light.

is firing on us.”


(f) “Our Heavy Artillery         1 coloured light followed by a Worm light.

is firing on us.”


(Sgd) E.D. AIGER


Brigade Major 64th Infantry Brigade


Letter to Father 13 May 1918



My dear dad,


What do you think of my writing! Bit better than my usual scrawl isn’t it?  I am writing with my latest toy – a topping Waterman Edie sent me.  She also sent me a pair of socks & a pipe, so I am well off.  The pipe is the nicest bit of wood I have seen for a long time.  I am going to get her to buy all my pipes in future.


Well how goes it dad. My latest information is that you were a bit better on the 10th.  I hope to have a line from Win tomorrow.


I think I told you last night that I was applying to return. Curiously enough G.H.Q. rang up last night & said my own people were applying for me & they were sending an order along for me to go back.  So that makes assurance doubly sure.


It is a dirty miserable wet day here. I should like an armchair, a good fire & a clack with you.

I have no news dad. This is only just to pass the time of day with you.


With very best love

Your loving son